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Title: Zapd
Developer: PressPlane Inc.
Price: Free
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Zapd iPhone app review

Zapd iPhone app review

Zapd iPhone app is the thing to happen for many aspirants looking to build websites on their own. This is really interesting! To most the task of building a website from the scratch can be highly taunting, but not any more! Of course, you have other options like WordPress and Flickr to do this but this app developed for iPhone devices will allow you to do this in just a few minutes. This requires iOS 5.0 which are the newer versions to run and is developed to suit the designs of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


With Zapd iPhone app you can construct a website in collaboration with friends and each can add new ideas to the design. They can add the website content from whichever destination they are located. This has the built-in social network that lets others follow you and you can also follow others. Whenever you make changes your friends will know it instantly. The Zap Feed built with this app allows you to trace different Zaps from all over the world.

Design and Layout

Zapd iPhone app menu themes

Zapd iPhone app menu themes

Zapd iPhone app can be termed as the top most UI seen in recent times. This package is loaded with simplistic menu items such as the soft tones, side bar location of the action list, tiny loading animations that the user will find it amazing. This app designed with great simplicity that reflects unparalleled elegance. The simple tap of finger enables the entire website creation with minimum fuss but without any compromise on the aesthetic quality.  The app is also very neat. It is designed in a very simple way that you will not have any difficulty in understanding the way it works. A user can choose from variety of templates from different generic themes. It is also relatively easy to apply images, links and content to the website. Your options are restricted to these three acts and further updates may allow uploading of videos etc. But you can share your newly acquired pet’s photo with friends and relatives via social networks. Moreover the design will be greatly appealing to the user to choose it as the platform to launch websites.

Overall Value

Zapd iPhone app may not look very fanciful, but is quite useful to have in your iPhone. It is a free application and does a great job of building a website from the scratch with utmost ease. The makers can be relied on adding more useful features like uploading videos, group sharing and more themes for websites in future. Aspiring website creators can gain considerable experience by employing this application and test their skills. Overall this is a great app when you consider that fact that you don’t pay anything to get it.

Update: The app has released the first set of premium themes for Zapd. Now users can able to select from over 45 professionally-designed, templates themes for their Zapd mini website which come with the free app. Also the new specialty themes that can be purchased in the app itself. Our first set is 3 new holiday themes:

– Wrapped in Red
– Yutetide
– Festive Holiday

Users can express their personality and create mini holiday websites, instead of those traditional Christmas letters. These are priced at just $1.99/each in the App Store – less than the cost of a single nice holiday card.

Zapd iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Also this app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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