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Title: Wordistic
Developer: mushDevStudio
Price: $0.99
Overall Rating:
Wordistic iPhone app review

Wordistic iPhone app review

As far as gaming for iPhone is concerned there are no other games as popular and handy as Wordistic. Wordistic is developed by MushDevStudio and is an arcade application.  It has been given everything that an arcade app should posses especially for a device like iPhone.


The features that will immediately take your attention in the GamePlay is huge range of words, more challenging levels, stop watch to add more thrill and excitement and faster stages in advance levels.

Concept and Gameplay:

It is given quite traditional yet new concept that while playing Wordistic iPhone app, you will remember some of the game that you played in your childhood, but nothing will be the same. The genuine game comprises of falling letters from top that will get to the down side of screen and you have to spell the words out. It is not going to be too tough as the application itself suggests you about the kind of words you are trying to spell. If you think it is kind of cheat code to make things easy, you are probable wrong as even after that crossing even some of the initial puzzles are not going to be easy. Letters are not the only problem, there is a stop watch running so fast and you have to guess the letter before it stops. Consider it an exam and with every wrong answer there is negative making, as you will have to wait for some time before a correct letter comes in. With the ever-increasing level, time given to solve the puzzles will be on the

Wordistic iPhone app puzzle game

Wordistic iPhone app Puzzle Game

lower side and speed of the letters coming in your way will increase.

Design and Layout:

Wordistic iPhone app has been designed in such a manner that at times you will find graphics to be too rough, but that actually is a part of the whole design to give it a raw look. Though at times, you will feel that graphics are not doing justice to the amazing concept of this game, but still it is not the ugliest. Even though design has been a topic of discussion, letters are given thorough time while the design phase and appear quite elegant.  Menu items have been experimented too much and as a result, it might take some time for you to finally be able to adjust with it.


After taking into consideration the game play options and what you finally receive in Wordistic iPhone app is not at all expensive at the nominal value of $0.99. Such tremendous features and options for constant game play of hours will not even bother you with price tag of more than a dollar. This is just the most perfect gaming application for those who like word games in their iPhone.

Wordistic iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. *Disclosure*  A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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