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Title: WallBalls: Divide and Conquer
Developer: Alejandro Montoya
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
WallBalls iphone app review

WallBalls iphone app review

WallBalls: Divide and Conquer iPhone app is a fantastic gaming app which is based upon a simple theme of separating bouncing balls. The app is developed by the Alejandro Montoya and is available free of cost on the official iTunes stores. The graphics and visual effects of the game has been well optimized for compatible Apple devices including iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, iPhone 5 series as well, having iOS 7.0 or later. The app is available in two language options, English and Spanish only. However, it is just 14.2 MB in size, which lets the users to download and install it within a few seconds.


WallBalls: Divide and Conquer iPhone app is designed with classic features molded to modern platform. The graphics of the games are highly eye-catching. The new updates of the app have been loaded with major bug fixes and includes newly integrated retro graphics interface, making the interface of the app highly gorgeous. However, the app has got the features of in-app purchases which enable players to buy the additional game of similar theme within this app. Also, the in-app purchase removes all ads and banners from the app for a lifetime. Although, the app is designed with classic graphical themes, the animation and visual effects are retro style, with conventional characters showing the Gameplay info. The graphics are well synced for the HD standard of retina screen of the iPhone. However, the exceptional sound quality gives much better gaming experience when played using the earphone. Side by side, the lighting effects are well-organized to give an attractive outlook of the whole gaming platform with shiny balls in white.

WallBalls iphone app gameplay

WallBalls iphone app gameplay

Concept and Gameplay

WallBalls: Divide and Conquer iPhone app is designed with classic theme of Qix style games. The screen is divided two major sections. The large rectangular frame gives the view of Gameplay; while inverted L shaped sidebar area display the related info like the number of lives, score, level and timer, along with a circular pause button at the top right corner. The notification bar is covered by the gaming screen so as to cover max area for enhanced Gameplay experience. The player needs to separate the bouncing balls by creating a wall using sweeping gesture by its finger. As the level rises, the difficulty level also rises along with the speed of bouncing balls.

Final Review

WallBalls: Divide and Conquer iPhone app is, no doubt, a fine gaming app for those who love to kill time by playing games. Although, the app is not designed with advanced 3D graphics, it has still got fantastic reviews from the players, making it a wonderful app for classic game lovers that give the limitless Gameplay with fun in your pocket.

WallBalls: Divide and Conquer app requires iOS 7.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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