Track your Activity with RunKeeper iPhone App

This is one of the coolest applications launched by Apple Corporation for the iPhone. Well if you are a fitness freak and want to monitor your daily progress then this is the ultimate solution for you. The application is integrated with a GPS feature which helps you track all fitness activities such as running, cycling, treadmill activities etc. 

All you need to do is just install the application. It is available for free! Once you run the application on your device, you can manually connect to the GPS or set it to automatic transition. Now, whichever activity you will be participating in, will automatically be tagged with your GPS. Activities like skiing, swimming, cycling and various other activities can be monitored. You can even upload your activity statuses on your favourite social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Run Keeper iPhone app Review

Once you are up and running you can monitor your calories burned, you can track the miles you have run, or cycled, the swimming laps, your track records are up-to-date. You can see the time you take to clear your laps or finish your 100 sprints. All this and much more, the best part would be to monitor all the sports in one application are it cycling, swimming, and track records instead of keeping a separate gadget for each sport.

The best part of the application is that you will be able to monitor your daily activities undertaken and save it to match it for the next time you are on the track or cycling to keep yourself timed ahead of others, the application also saves you the time to be monitored under the coach for your workout saving you quite a fortune.


  • It includes a user friendly interface which is easy to use.
  • There is an automatic voice feature, which keeps you updated on the statistics, so you need not look into the screen after every few seconds. This helps you to concentrate on the activity instead.
  • The data they track is precise and the accuracy rate is high.
  • This application is available for zero bucks! Yes you read it right! It is absolutely free!


  • The battery life reduces drastically if you are constantly using the GPS tracking feature.
  • It does not work well if you are running other applications simultaneously.
  • Elevation data is not accurate


This is a great application for all you fitness freaks. You can monitor every inch of your workouts and sports activities! Get it now!


Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/5

download from iTunes

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