Are You Clever To Find The Hidden Treasure Of Nahala

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iphone app review

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iphone app review

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iPhone app is an adventure game with mystery elements. This wonderful game is developed by Raz Yehuda with stunning graphics and ultra realistic visual effects. Those who want to get this app must clear off the space as it takes 218 MB. Interestingly, it is compatible with the iOS 5.0 or higher version and works perfectly on the iPod touch and iPad and iPhone. Moreover, it is optimized for bigger screens of iPhone 5 series as well. For such a thrilling mystery, you will have to spend just $0.99 which is worth paying for such an adventure.


The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iPhone app is loaded with special features of adventure, thrilling, mysterious and spying, blending all together to form a highly amusing theme. The stunning 3D visual effects, graphics and animations are best optimized as per the HD standard of the Retina Screen Apple devices. These effects give the realistic experience of being inside the secret house of �Nahala’ in the game. In addition, the extraordinary 3D sound effects with original soundtrack for the game enhance the pleasure of a mysterious adventure. The whole environment of the house is designed to enhance the curiosity and thrill. Combination of puzzles, riddles and striking music gives the real pleasure of being a spy. The app has fluent walk-through as well, which makes it look like a real world simulation in the app. It is interesting the app does not use much resource, thus making it possible to run it fluently.

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iphone app gameplay

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iphone app gameplay

Concept And Gameplay

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iPhone app is based upon the storyline in which the player had met a couple on the last vacation. Although the couple was gentle to the player, something was really weird about them. Now, the player gets a letter with a weird address for �Treasure of Nahala’ with a Sun shaped stone. The Gameplay, thus, starts from the house of Nahala with stunning graphics and realistic 3D animation. The whole display is covered by the app’s frame showing the level of Gameplay. The footer bar of icons shows the clue and other info along with a home button at the corner. The additional directional buttons are shown from time to time at the corners to guide the way. The user needs to use swipe, tap and touch commands to play the game.

Overall Impression

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala iPhone app has given a breathtaking impression of its mysterious features as well as of its spying theme. The stunning visual effects and genuine sound tracks are major attraction of the app apart from treasure seeking concept. All these features make this game a must play app for every mobile gamer who loves the adventure and mystery.

The Hidden Treasure of Nahala app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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