Temple Run App Review: An Endless Runner

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Title: Temple Run
Developer: Imangi Studios
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Temple Run app review

Temple Run app review

Temple Run App is simply an endless action packed game for iPhone users. It is developed by the Imangi Studios. In this game the player simply act as an explorer who attempts to explore the temple and at the same tom steal the idol from the temple. Moreover, the player needs to protect himself from the chase of demonic moneys and apes. Though it is an application designed for iOS, but it can also be downloaded in mobile phone powered by Android operating system.


Temple run is gaining immense popularity in short period of time. It is a wonderful game where the player controls the character to steal the idol from ancient temple. After the character steals the idol, the time comes when the player needs to control the character to escape. Moreover, the player also needs to protect the character from the demonic apes. As soon as the idol is stolen from the temple the demonic apes start chasing the character and the player needs to protect him from them, thus the temple run game starts. The player needs to play the game vigilantly and to avoid the obstacles on the way they need to swipe up & down. To turn corners the player has the option of left and right button. To keep the charter running side to side the player needs to tilt the device and in this way they will be able to score several points by collecting the coins.

Concept and Gameplay:

Temple Run iPhone App is a game where the player will control several characters: the Guy Dangerous, the default explorer; Scarlett Fox, a cunning escape character; Barry Bones, the city cop; Karma Lee, the explorer fromFar East; Montana Smith, the second explorer; Francisco Montoya, the conquistador; Zack Wonder, the football star.

Temple Run-run for your life

Temple Run – Run for your Life

Though the names of the characters and appearance are different, but the abilities of all the characters are similar. But, Montoya has different sounds and grunts than other characters in the game. Collecting coins is not enough to score points in the game, the player also need to cross the bar and mural on the way to complete the game. Once the player will collect 100 coins a section of mural gets completed automatically and the bar resets. But, when the player trips, then the bar and mural resets automatically. Besides, they also gain 500 coins at once.

The coins collected during the game can be spent by the player in the game’s store. With the help of the coins they can purchase upgrades, wallpapers, unlock-able characters, perks and bonuses.

Overall Value:

The main objective of Temple Run iPhone App is to survive while playing the game and collect more coins and points. The longer the player survives, the more coins and points they will obtain. It is time to Think Fast, Run Fast and Act Fast!

Temple Run universal app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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  1. run 3 says:

    Is there a way to overcome the obstacles easily? Can you tell me a little bit of experience when playing, how to get better control. Can we refill coins?

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