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Angry Birds Rio iPhone App Review

If  one dislikes war and speed games, angry birds is definitely a game for that individual. Launched in December 2009 this game took the world by surprise. It is a video game built on the basis of puzzles by a Finnish game developer company Rovio Mobiles. It consists of various wingless birds first developed for […]

Photosynth – A Panorama Capture and Sharing iPhone app

Photosynth is an application that was created by Microsoft. You can create panoramic views for your iPhone using this application. You can put together various photos to create a three-dimensional view. This application is available for use on the iOS phone currently.  This is one of the coolest applications that Microsoft has launched for the […]

Fruit Ninja – A Stylish iPhone Game App Review

Ninjas, it rings a bell somewhere doesn’t it? You remember the endless hours spent drooling all over the idiot-box as you watch Naruto, watching black robed men throw star shaped knives and play with various elementals with laser precision, non-descript masks covering their faces as they execute their code. Little did we know, that we […]