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Title: spread
Developer: Spread Media
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spread iPhone app review

spread iPhone app review

Spread iPhone app is the off spring of Spread Media, and it is designed to enable your mobile phone to view and use Spread, the new website. This is a great free application and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and will require iOS 5.0 or latest versions to run.


With spread iPhone app, you can share what you consider to memorable moments by discovering them with people of like-minded interests.

Using the “Discover” page a user can browse a group of different photos at once.  You have the option of viewing spreads from others with whom you share and other similar minded people. If you are not particular about this viewing aspect you can simply choose the “Everyone” option to see all the spreads coming from all the categories. There is an in-app camera included in the Spread feature. It allows you to take snaps quickly and also scale and move them. After you format a photo then you can either stash it in an existing category or simply customize a new one. You can also give details in the final upload page about the image, alter sharing options and save it. The disappoint aspect is that there is nothing new in the spread iPhone app that the other established websites already have.

spread iPhone app profile

spread iPhone app profile

Design and Layout

The new Spread iPhone app very similar to the Pinterest feel allows you to discover, save and share images that hold your interest. Like other similar websites it also allows you capture images with the apps camera, save and upload them to share with others. An array of images patterned in mosaic greets the user when it is first opened. The buttons situated at the bottom screen allows you to log in the process is not very hard. You can either use your Facebook ID or create a new one to gain entry.

Once done you are navigated to the main app screen where the display gives you the details of the spreads you have uploaded already, the users you follow and number of your own followers. The activity feed present in the spread iPhone apps is very useful to keep tab on your network. The “Discover” button in the apps allows you to search new likings that you would like to spread. You can submit your comments on spreads or read comments that were left by others.

Overall Value

The spread iPhone App, though not comprehensive, is very useful and very stable. Embracing these apps with open mind will give a better perception about this software for users. This is free software and there is no harm in trying it over the celebrated ones just for this reason.

spread iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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