Sims 3 iPhone App Review

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Title: The Sims 3
Developer: Electronic Arts
Price: $6.99
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The Sims 3 iPhone app review

The Sims 3 iPhone app review

The Sims 3 iPhone App developed by EA Mobile, it is a game where you play with the Sims and explore possibilities infinite! You customize your Sim with physical traits and their behavioral qualities. You can also decide whether to achieve their goals or not. You make them do mischief, good deeds, fall in love or get them dumped. Easy to ask the Sim to make friends or get into a fight. It is a real life experience for the Sims and you enjoy living with them. It is a great fair for Sims’ fans and it is addictive and greatly entertaining like their early franchise.


The app is highly addictive and excellent gameplay, customize your Sim and groom with their personalities, different gameplay and repeatability every time and tremendous amount of Gameplay hours. The Sims 3 iPhone App is not like the older versions where you spend time in building the ultimate dream house. This is more about taking care of the Sim you play with and shaping individuality and personality. Apart from this there are hordes of other things as sharpening skills like fishing, cooking, gardening and repairing to do, but this is the lesser part. This game shows more social involvement for your Sim and character.

The Sims 3 iPhone app gameplay

The Sims 3 iPhone app gameplay

In Sims 3 app you customize Sim while you create him with aesthetics and clearly describe their personality. These traits will determine how they intermingle with others and has great connection to their wish list or goals they have to achieve. You create and develop diverse characters of your Sims along the way. You can either make them sit at the top of the corporate world successfully or become an anti-social element that breaks into you home to use your refrigerator and in the process irritating the neighbors to great extent. The goals set for your Sims add a considerable amount of excitement and variety. This keeps your interest alive in the game. You have great many gaming hours in this Sims 3 iPhone App version.

Getting the Sims a job and making them socializing you also need to hone their skills. Like when your Sim goes fishing, you catch the fish by flicking the phone. The Mini games between the main games are very interesting. There are two ways you can feed your Sim, you either let him have a snack or cook him a proper meal. Cooking a proper meal will be expensive what with all those ingredients you have to buy. A mini game is started when you come back with your purchase and start cooking the meal. Lots of shaking your mobile phone is involved as you cook the meal using various pans.

Display and Appearance

The app has a wonderful display of graphics and variety in characters which the EA Games have produced. The locales for different tasks are detailed and pleasing. This game retains all the finer points of the earlier versions and may sometime get bit slow. Overall the game is very entertaining and brings in to play long hours. It is a must have app for the Sims fans! Do not wait for, Go, get it!

The Sims 3 app requires iOS 3.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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