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Scrabble iPhone app review

Scrabble iPhone app review

Scrabble iPhone App developed by Hasbro has brought the conventional board game to the electronic medium and it is lot better than the usual version. This game gives you endless hours of matching your wits with the computer or your fellow Scrabblers online. You will not find any noticeable different between the board game and the electronic version as for rules of play is concerned.


Scrabble iPhone App gives you a variety of gameplay that gives you the choice of playing with people in the same place or online. It also has an option ‘pass-and- play’ that allows you to pass the iPhone among the participants for their turn. A player can also hide his tile rack from his opponents while passing. The ‘Facebook connect’ feature allows you to play with your friends and in order to do that you must first log into Facebook. One more salient feature of this game is using multiple apple devices to build a classic scrabble game. A separate free tile rack for the iPhone can be placed in the middle of the players an as a common rack while each player manages his play from his iPhone or iPad. You can play upto 25 games at once with Scrabble iPhone App. You also have the option of matching your skills with the computer’s brain.  Another interesting feature this Scrabble games has is the shuffle option that mix-up your letters with various combinations and gives you ideas for new words. This game features a dictionary that lets you check on the legitimacy of the words. Another interesting feature this Scrabble game presents is the hint option which you could use to uncover the best word.

Scrabble iPhone app gameplay

Scrabble iPhone app gameplay

Concept and Gameplay

There is nothing unusual in this electronic version as for the ground rules are concerned. It is very much like the board game. This game allows 4 players at a time. After everybody has taken their turn the score is updated and shown on the top portion of the screen with each player’s score and words. This makes your task easy as you don’t have to get into complicated arithmetic to know opponent’s score.

Scrabble iPhone App has 5 basic options displayed on the main screen. You can either opt for the classic game without any restrain like score limit or word count or game limited to rounds or points. In the classic game you place your tile by plucking a letter from your tile rack positioned at the bottom and drag it to the board and the board obliges you by zooming in. zooming in and out can be done by “one-finger”, “two-finger” pinching  your iPhone. Shuffling of letters is done by just shaking your iPhone. Rests of the regular features like exchanging letters, passing your turn are all there. You do not need to keep score while you play, the computer does it!

Overall Value

Scrabble iPhone App is a real winner of a game. It offers great pleasure to people who love letters. It is a great pastime for kids on long journey and adds a considerable amount of vocabulary to their word bank. The game though does not come cheap is really worth every cent you spend on it.

Scrabble iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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