Restaurant Story: Halloween iPhone App: Great Cooking Experience for Kids

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Title: Restaurant Story: Halloween
Developer: TeamLava
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Restaurant Story-Halloween iPhone app review

Restaurant Story-Halloween iPhone app review

Restaurant  Story: Halloween iPhone App is a unique game that the TeamLava LLC has developed and presented  for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. It remains as one of the highly downloaded game in the US. The latest version is a great virtual game where you decorate and design a restaurant meant for Halloween and show it off to your friends. You customize, add spooky decoration, cook up treats and overall stump your friends! You need a WiFi connection to play this game.


The Restaurant  Story: Halloween game has a built-in tutorial that will guide you through on how to get your dishes cooked. The tutorial also tells you how to play the game with detailed instructions. For starters you get a restaurant with 40, 000 coins and 14 gems to proceed with. Additionally you are given two stoves and three counter for serving.  More cooking utensils will unlock as you move up in the game and levels. You also get a tutorial that will tell you how to cook and serve a meal in one minute. You need to be very quick to prepare and serve the customers before they get spoiled. Currencies are main ingredients and you have two kinds namely coins and Gems. Coins are for buying basic items and gems will fetch you premium items and powers that could bring back a spoiled dish or cook an item instantly. Design of kitchen gets more gorgeous as you move in to higher levels.

Concept and Gameplay:

Restaurant Story-Halloween app gameplay

Restaurant Story: Halloween app gameplay

As mentioned above you need to cook and serve to customers the best dishes they have ever tasted. You start with the minimum range of cooking appliances like 2 stoves and 3 Servicing Counters. As you level up you can unlock grill and add to your kitchen. You will use the menu and unlock dishes that could require special appliances to cook. With each level you look for new appliances to buy through checking on the appliance menu. It is very important that you check the store each time you cross a level and buy new appliances because you will need them to serve more food on the counter. If an open book icon appears above a cooking appliance, it shows that a new dish can be cooked on this appliance. Tap on the icon and reveal a cook book menu.  Use the arrows on both side of the screen to scroll various items presented in the menu. The cookbook menu shows the cost of a specific dish, the number of rewards they earn, number of servings and amount of time the dish takes to cook before it could be served. Observe all these details before you launch into cooking the dish. The promotional bar fills each time you buy a dish and once it is filled you would be propped on the dish. This will bring you more rewards.

Overall Value:

Restaurant  Story: Halloween iPhone app is a great cooking experience for the kids as they cook for the visitors on Halloween  The game will keep the kids engaged as they keep unlocking more and more appliances.  It is great because it is also free!

Restaurant  Story: Halloween app requires iOS 4.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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