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Title: Rather-be-Shopping Coupons
Developer: AlexBet.com
Price: Free
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Rather-be-Shopping Coupons iPhone app review

Rather-be-Shopping Coupons iPhone app review

Coupons are great money savers but tracking coupons that give sumptuous discounts can be a bothersome task. The Rather-Be-Shopping Coupons iPhone app solves this problem with comfortable ease and the much needed discount coupons are only a finger touch away. The latest application for iPhones is a great tool and a must for people who are budget sensitive.


The all useful Rather-Be-Shopping Coupons app has dual functional search options to track both in-store and online coupons easily. The in-store category allows presenting the coupon instantly to the store where as the online coupons can be used for shopping directly online on the store website though your iPhone. You have the option of searching coupons either by categories or by the names of the retail stores. The application gives you the opportunity find money saving coupons from over 850 retail stores that include establishments like American Eagle, Gap, Lands’ End, Burger King, Macy’s, Old Navy and Chuck E Cheese.

Rather-be-Shopping Coupons iPhone app store

Rather-be-Shopping Coupons iPhone app store

Layout and Design

The presentation windows are very impressive. The User Interface icons have clear markings and enable the user to easily access them. There the primary icons depicting ‘categories’ and ‘stores’. You toggle these two icons and choose the one that is highlighted. With a gentle tap you can open and find categories like apparel and clothing, books, babies and kids, computer and software, electronics, food and clothing and more. By toggling the buttons you can search the online or in-store discount coupons in all these categories. The in-store and online discount coupons are divided in to 20 categories and the app allows you to shop in 800 plus online retail stores where you can use the coupons and save money. The functionality of Rather-Be-Shopping Coupons iPhone app allows the cashier to scan your iPhone to redeem your discount coupons. You can also search for the availability of coupons when you happen to be present in you favorite shopping outlet. The coupons you get through your Rather-Be-Shopping.com iPhone app are duly verified and authentic. It can be greatly irritating when you shop online with a coupon code that actually is outdated. One other thing that is good about this application is that you are not forced to buy the coupons that the stores want you to. The app simply provides you with what is available in the market.

Overall Value

Rather-Be-Shopping Coupons iPhone app is  great to have in the times of economic upheaval and one can easily save much more money from coupons saved in the app. Overall this is a great money saver and suitable to every budget oriented homes. And the interesting part is that it is free to download. The application is compatible with iPad, iPod touch and iPhones and will require iOS 4.3 version or advanced.

Rather-be-Shopping Coupons app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Also this app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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