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Pixbee cinematic cam app review

Taking photos using mobile phone cameras can be boring despite their high-end resolutions. Using mobile pix apps like pixbee – Cinematic Cam makes picture-taking and video-recording more fun than the usual.

Concept and Theme

Developed by Seerslab, Inc., pixbee is a picture app that adds cinematic touch on taken pictures or recorded videos. While many apps offer the same effects, many users like the fact that it works with both videos and pictures. Furthermore, it offers more cinematic effects and filters that make photo unique. These effects let users be their own directors and editors for their media.


Pixbee offers the following features:

• Different cinematic effects and video filters. Effects and filers vary according to apps’ offers, but pixbee offers better filters than conventional apps’. Users will have more fun with the effects and make their photos stand out once shared with their friends. As for cinematic effects, users can make their videos extra fun to watch.

• Stickers.Other apps have stickers, but this app diverts people from using the same, boring stickers. They can explore their sticker options right in the app. Since this app utilizes face recognition technology, which means stickers will be placed automatically on people’s faces instead of adjusting them manually.

• Motion control. Slows and fast motion are among the common effects used in videos. However, not every app offers this feature being something only used in full video editors. Pixbee has this feature that gives freedom in editing videos.


pixbee ultimate camera app

• Innovative user interface. Users can apply the effects easily with simple tapping. The interface is responsive that it will take photos instantly with a tap. It will also record videos with simple controls.

• Easy to view gallery. Pixbee has easy to view gallery that let users find their pictures and videos in no time. They can scroll then immediately share their works of arts to family and friends.

Functionality and Usability

This app works with Apple devices running on iOS 7.1. Using shows effects instantly, which means users will immediately show their edits’ outcome. Once done, the taken images and videos will be loaded in the device and viewable through the gallery, where users can view then share to their friends via social media.

Design and Performance

The app is very responsive with flawless performance with every use. Its architecture developed by experts ensures the app will run properly while updates are provided regularly to ensure fixes.

Without a doubt, pixbee is a great app to use for shutterbugs out there who wish to see better video and pix edits right on their devices. With this free app, users will have the freedom to attain the images they want according to their preferred effects.

pixbee – Cinematic Cam app requires iOS 7.1 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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