Photosynth – A Panorama Capture and Sharing iPhone app

Photosynth is an application that was created by Microsoft. You can create panoramic views for your iPhone using this application. You can put together various photos to create a three-dimensional view. This application is available for use on the iOS phone currently.  This is one of the coolest applications that Microsoft has launched for the iPhone. To top it all, it is absolutely free!

Photosynth Features:

You can take the photo of one place from various angles and then you can combine them to make a panoramic view. This application has well designed features.

Photosynth iPhone app

First you tap your phone when you want to start taking the photo and this process continues unless you ask it to stop. You will find that the photos are automatically saved in the camera roll. You can then share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.  There is a option to upload them to You will be guided in every step while you click the photo. Also the iPhone gyroscope will get the right place for every shot. This application is available only for iPhone at present and not for Windows Phone despite being a Microsoft product. Several sounds can be heard while the panorama is being formed.

Also if you realize after a panorama is formed that you have missed something, you can edit it again. Just tap on the part you think you might add something and then you can take another photo of the missing part.

Additional Utilities

You might dislike the banding when the photos are put together. You no need to worry as there is a feature which allows you to get rid of banding. This feature is called the exposure lock. You can find this in the Settings section. The performance of Photosynth is really awesome. It is not only quick but also very accurate.

As you might have noticed in most of photo applications the images can be viewed before they were saved to the photo roll, however, in this application you can only view the photos after it is saved to the roll. You can carry on with other things on the phone while the photo is being saved to the roll.


This is very fine software that Microsoft has created for iPhone. The application enhances your experience while editing pictures and makes it fun for you to remodel them and share them as well. Since it is free of charge, give it a try to decide for yourself!

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

download from iTunes

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