NoteLedge iPhone App – A New Twist in Note Taking

NoteLedge iPhone app review

NoteLedge iPhone app review

Today in the modern day scenario, the process of taking note had altered significantly from archetypal stenograph notepads to note stickers and now the contemporary handheld tablets and Smartphones. The modern day Smartphone has really ushered a latest process of note taking with the help of several alluring applications that has been developed and designed for the purpose of note taking. NoteLedge iPhone App is one such application designed for iPhone users who want to take note by using their mobile phones. Considering the feedbacks and reviews of the users, it remains at the top of the lists among all other note taking apps.


The amazing features that differentiate NoteLedge from other note taking apps are the patented Navigator feature. This is one of the amazing features of this note taking apps that enable the users to paste, cut, crop and do many other things with their notes. The term note means everything from video content to audio files, photos to handwritten pieces and typed texts.

Concept and Functionality:

The user can easily take notes in pieces and bits and by using this feature they can turn them around for a new look and presentation. It is all about cutting and cropping. Moreover, the users can also customize their notes by using this application. They can alter the colors of fonts, host other cool things and use filter on pictures.

NoteLedge app share your life

NoteLedge app share your life

If the note taking app cannot help you to organize your notes, then it is useless for you indeed. NoteLedge iPhone App enables the users to produce as many notes as they want that too neatly and according to date. If the user want to view any note, then they simply need to click the folder icon and a calendar will be displayed along with a list of notes they have already created. And from it simply need to select the note they want to view and it will be displayed instantly. Every note created with the help of this note has a creation date and it is organized automatically according to its creation date and file size which make easier for users to find and locate the note which they want to view. Isn’t it amazing!


NoteLedge iPhone App comes with multiple language support features including Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, French, Chinese and English. So, no matter which language you speak, you can use this application to create notes in your desired language for further use. Another attractive feature of this application is that it enables the users to connect their device with host of cloud storage including Google Docs, WebDAV, Dropbox, FET and So, along with creating local notes, the users can also post them to cloud so that they can access them from anywhere across the globe. Don’t wait for, it’s time to start taking notes on your iPhone with this cool app!

NoteLedge for iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and it is compatible with compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. *Disclosure* A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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