My Medi Recs iOS App Review

My Medi Recs iPhone app review

My Medi Recs iPhone app review

Do you find it hard to maintain the records of your health? Do you want to use your mobile to keep track of your health conditions? Are you looking for an app that can offer you the complete details of your health? Do you want the iTunes in your mobile? If yes, then I am here for your help. In the current conditions, when your iPhone becomes your best companion for the entertainment, knowledge, and many other personal and professional things, then why you should not use your most useful device to record your medical history in the most convenient manner.

Yes, it is possible. You can download the My Medi Recs app. It has all the features to make the process easy and more effective. If you are interested to know more about My Medi Recs app, you can go through the following review.

My Medi Recs Review

It is designed to help the people to carry all their medical history in the best possible manner. You will have all your medical data in hand to deal with the emergencies. You do not need to search the files to review the medical data. It will have in your mobile. You will get all the details to deal with any emergency including allergies, medication, specialist contact details, images, emergency medical contacts, and the history of the medication.

My Medi Recs Operation info

My Medi Recs Operation info

Besides, it is made is such a way that it can support the complicated medicated conditions. You will have a section that will be dedicated to the group support. The medical professionals can use this data to design the treatment. You will have the option to add more people in your group.

With this, you will have the facility to record the appointment and to set the reminders. You can also set the reminders for the medication. You can also record the images and other data required for the treatment.

What are the key features?

  • Tracking the emergency contacts.
  • Add images and diagnosis notes.
  • To create a support group.
  • To record all the medical history.
  • To set reminders.

What are the sections?

It has a number of the sections for the easy storage of the information. Some of the key sections are emergency contacts, medications, allergies, specialists, vaccinations, images, operations, appointments, insurance details, and user support data.

If you want all these improved features to manage your medical history more effectively, you can simply download this app. This app is able to offer you the emergency help whenever required. You can save the details of the medications, appointments, and other details for the immediate use.

My Medi Recs app requires iOS 10.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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