Mikey Shorts iPhone App Review

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Title: Mikey Shorts
Developer: BeaverTap Games, LLC
Price: $0.99
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Mikey Shorts iPhone app review

Mikey Shorts iPhone app review

Mikey Shorts iPhone App is the latest platforming game launched by Beaver Tap Games for iPhone users. This is amazing game which is popular among the iPhone users because of its retro inspired looks. This game is well appreciated by the gamers who like speed running games. The review of this application is also quite impressive. This game is considered as the best platformers by the users to be played on iOS. This is really an easy game to play and players can easily count all its ideas with one hand. The controls of the game are also superb which you will find in any other platform games. There are about 72 levels that the player needs to complete to win the game. The risk factors and hurdles increase along with level of the games. The features, design and the interface, all are quite impressive for the gamers.


The Mikey shorts comes with different features in the game as there are about 72 diverse levels to cross with two different game modes, about six diverse environments to choose from, also there are more than 100 different disguises to wear and play. If the players complete each level within the given time frame, then they will earn 3 stars as bonus. In Gameplay Golden Shorts available, but the players need to find the hidden Golden Shorts in all the Story Levels. And other features like the players need to race against the ghost to score more, players can earn achievements both offline and online, enable the players to access the Game Center scores, there

Mikey Shorts iPhone app gameplay

Mikey Shorts iPhone app gameplay

is a retry button that enables the players to restart the game instantly, players can easily customize the controls as per their needs, players can also view game stats of different games and moreover the latest content planned with updates.

Concept and Gameplay

The gameplay at Mikey Shorts iPhone App is quite simple and easy to understand. The players need to cross several levels and steps to reach the next game mode. The players who get involved in the game and play the game dedicatedly will surely find solutions by their own way. There are cheats and shortcuts available with the help of which players can complete each level in very short time. There is a challenge mode available with the help of which players can challenge other players virtually.

Design and Layout

The interface and design of the game is quite easy to understand. There are arrow buttons available that allow the players to move the character in correct direction. The controls of the application are also very easy to understand and novice players can easily make out which direction is correct for movement.


Mikey Shorts iPhone App is the ultimate platforming game that will be appreciated by every veteran and novice gamers. If you want to have fun in Story Mode and in Challenge mode, then no other game can do wonders like Mikey Shorts.

Mikey Shorts iPhone App requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Also the app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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