Meet Wizard Of Oz Right In Your iPhone

The Wizard Of Oz Game iphone app review

The Wizard Of Oz Game iphone app review

The Wizard Of Oz Game iPhone app is a wonderful gaming app for kids & teens. The app is developed by Spooky Cool Labs which is known for its exciting gaming app for mobile phone. Along with this, the support of Warner Bros Interactive, a highly esteemed company, has been a great aid for game design. The iPhone version is highly attractive to play for people. The small size of app makes it very easy to download & install this game even on slow internet connection. The game can be downloaded from iTunes Store. Some of these features can be purchased for real money.


The Wizard Of Oz Game iPhone app is full of fantastic features which makes it highly adorable among the people. The graphics are customized to match the high standard of Retina screen. Hence, it is very attractive & charming in look. Also, the smoother animation effect of this app makes it more interesting & alluring. Side by side, the special sound effects & music of the game is kept highly optimized with original theme. Sound on each event is kept highly amusing & funny so that it invokes a sense of funny Gameplay experience. The response time of game is highly instantaneous. This means that if user touches the screen, it provides quick response & trigger new event.

The Wizard Of Oz Game iphone app gameplay

The Wizard Of Oz Game iphone app gameplay

Concept & Gameplay

The Wizard Of Oz Game iPhone app is based on the concept of city building. It means that user has to construct the city & make a place where it can roam like a king. The inclusion of more & more population will give rise to the income of city builder, which in this case is user. The player has option to roam & search for new elements which will help it to gain more points, which can be shared with friends using internet. This game offers number of small sub themes which provides shortcut themes to player to build new city, instead of wasting time on the creation of one building & waiting for the construction cycle to finish. The game also involves another frame in which user can help Dorothy to move on Yellow Road & help meeting the Oz. The interface of the game is kept very simple with all the info shown on the side corners, including points, score, map & so on. The magical object which provides special entity are indicated by a white color shine in the game.

Overall Value

The Wizard Of Oz Game iPhone app is a fantastic gaming app which deserve high rating by its user. The game is pleasing & adorable, manly on Retina Screen of Apple Devices. Overall, it is highly amazing & is a must try app for all iPhone users.

The Wizard Of Oz Game app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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