MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone App Review

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Title: MarkeScope Stock Screener
Developer: Symbyo Technologies
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app review

MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app review

MarkeScope Stock Screener is a unique application of its type developed for iPhone by Symbyo Technologies.  Adding the measures to reduce risk in stock trading makes it quite a handy tool for traders residing in different countries. With more and more people trying their luck in stock market, this app becomes quite useful for millions of traders.


It is variety of added features that differentiate it from the rest. Have a glance at the major features of MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app: The wide range of stocks to make it more useful for maximum numbers of traders, developers have presented an application that supports as much as 7000 stocks.  It means all stock exchanges of United States including AMEX, NYSE and NASDAQ fall under the supported categories. The effective stock reports is programmed for creating and sending reports and it will contain some very important ratios about stocks. One can enjoy the benefits of important data on his Twitter and Facebook account or can use the SMS facility to directly send through Short Messaging Service (SMS).

While MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app allows one to receive and send reports, it will also let you know about the latest trends and comments made on Twitter. Knowing expert opinions can be vital for future stock deals. It is effective for stocks of more than 16 different sectors. One can get stock notifications on their devices.  Device on which the application is installed will receive notifications and all the alerts about stocks. Notifications will provide current market trend and summary of past 5 years.

MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app report

MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app report

Design of an application like MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app will surely not make a big difference especially because of such large numbers of features.  Still, developers have been very good and have made efforts to make it look as good as it works.  Sharp edges, unique color scheme and easy to use interface make this app very handy. Layout should be user-friendly and no trader will have a problem in handling and using various features of this application.

Overall Value

Offering some of the most complex to calculate ratios for general traders including sharp ratio, Max drawdown, Teynor ration and Standard ratio, MarkeScope Stock Screener iPhone app becomes an excellent aid for all stock traders. All stock trends, expert opinion and extremely useful data come in your pocket. Downloading and installing it on your iPhone is as easy as anything. Not only will this app reduce market risks, but will also assist in earning extra profits.  There are hardly any flaws that one can complain about and the whole application is a must to have.

MarkeScope Stock Screener app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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