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Magisto - Magical Video Editor iphone app review

Magisto – Magical Video Editor iphone app review

Magisto – Magical Video Editor iPhone app proves to be a nice friend when it comes to video editing. The small size of 12.1 MB makes it very easy to download the app, even on the system with slow internet connection. Developed by SightEra Technologies Ltd, the app is free to download & install on the iPhone & iPad. The stunning features of the app & its fluent way of editing the snaps & sequences to craft the movie are wonderful. Despite so many fantastic qualities, it works perfectly on the iPhone, iPad & iPod touch with the requirement of only iOS 4.2 or later. However, the app is also optimized for the new iPhone 5.


Magisto – Magical Video Editor iPhone app is wonderful video editing tool which is equipped with lots of admiring features. Due to this, it is able to edit the recorded video in the sleek & elegant way. Not only this, but it also stitch them together in order to present it as the final movie with the proper integration of music & sound effects. Unlike other video editing apps, one does not have to worry about the basic operations. The amazing AI technology of the app automatically detects the fine scenes in the video to craft the beautiful movie. It senses friends & relatives in the video with the clever faced detection technology. After adding the appropriate sound effects (or fitting those of your choice), it provide the feature of sharing it on the internet via facebook, Twitter, E-mail or YouTube.

Magisto - Magical Video Editor sharing tool

Magisto – Magical Video Editor sharing tool

Design & Layout

Magisto – Magical Video Editor iPhone app has been provided very simple & pro look. The main screen can be divided into four sections, placed one above the other in the horizontal position. The top portion consists of title bar with the title at the center & back button on the left. This provides familiar look to the application. The mid screen is beautifully crafted with the video area below which thumbnails of videos are present. Just like other apple device layout, the bottom of the screen has been given few buttons. However, movie mode opens two shot screens one below the other at the same time. In addition to editing, the app is programmed to record the video directly. To keep the eye on technical fundamentals, the basic symbols, like battery meter & signal graph, are present at the top of the devices’ screen.

Overall Value

Overall, Magisto – Magical Video Editor iPhone app is the must have application, mainly for those videographer who are in need of quick editing without much hassle. The fantastic reviews & ratings of the users describe it as the best video editing application for apple devices, mainly the new iPhone 5.

Magisto – Magical Video Editor app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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