Kidtrol — Parental Control App Blocker: A Comprehensive Review

Kidtrol - Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-review

Kidtrol – Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-review

Parental Control on a New Level:

Kidtrol is definitely the best free parental control app available today. Gone are the days of having to take a teen’s phone away or of watching his or her grades drop as time on the phone takes precedence over doing homework. Also gone are the sleepless nights spent wondering what a child is doing over the internet.

Control Multiple Devices:

With Kidtrol, parents can now control how their kids use Apple devices easily and non-intrusively. Features like Kidtrol Scheduling and Kidtrol On-Demand allow them to step in whenever necessary right from their own phones.

Block Apps:

At the push of a button, they can disable or block apps on multiple devices for a specific period of time such as during bedtime or school hours. Even when disabled, the device can still call or text the parent’s phone or emergency services. Here is a detailed description of these features.

Kidtrol - Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-schedule

Kidtrol – Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-schedule

Kidtrol Scheduling:

The scheduling feature is highly flexible. For one, it allows a parent to set the different times when a child or teen’s phone will automatically lock itself or disable apps. No longer is it necessary to take the phone away when they head off to school, go to bed or need to do their schoolwork.

This is good news considering the fact that recent studies have reported a jump in test scores of 6% in schools which have banned cellphones. It is also possible to schedule when the camera or App store is disabled. Bonding times for the family and curfews are now at the parents fingertips.

Kidtrol On-Demand:

This handy feature is specifically designed for timeouts. A timer can be activated to get kids back into their homework or beds. The phones remain locked until the parent uses the “Until I Say” option.

Setting up Kidtrol:

Installing and setting up Kidtrol is easy even for newbies. After downloading the app for free from the App store, the user is guided through the installation in a matter of minutes. Any further assistance is available from Kidtrol support team who are always on hand to help. They can be contacted by emailing

Trying Kidtrol for Free from the App Store:

Kidtrol is available from the App Store for free.

Kidtrol – Parental Control App Blocker app requires iOS 8.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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