Junaio Augmented Reality Browser iPhone App: A Glance of Future Browsing

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Title: Junaio Augmented Reality Browser
Developer: metaio GmbH
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
junaio Augmented Reality Browser app review

junaio Augmented Reality Browser app review

Metaio Inc. has come up with one of the most unique browsers of modern era that works superbly on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Junaio Augmented Reality Browser iPhone app is just the most perfect specimen of how browsing is going to be in future. While browsing some of the pages in this extremely well designed browser, you are going to be astonished on several occasions. The application with its well planned and programmed features gives you a fair idea about how browsing on mobile devices will be like in near future.


Added features in Junaio Augmented Reality Browser iPhone app differentiate it from what you have seen and used till now.  Here are some of the features that you will find newer and better Scan QR Codes, numerous entertainment channels, 8 languages and compatibility. It is given the name a reality browser because you can use it in the daily life. It has been designed in such a manner that allows you to scan QR codes  that will not only offer you details in-depth, but will also provide complete directions to some of the coolest places around you. What separates Junaio Augmented Reality browser iPhone app from the rest is total number of channels of entertainment.  There are more than 1500 channels including, music, gaming and quiz that you can use for your enjoyment.

Developers have been very smart and have added some of the most popular and used applications within this browser cum package.  Some of the most popular applications used all around the globe have been added for direct access. To make the browser available for more and more people in different parts of the world, developers have provided this in 8 different languages.  Unlike other major browsers, Junaio Augmented Reality browser is compatible with iOSbased iPhone, iPad and even the

junaio Augmented Reality Browser scan

junaio Augmented Reality Browser scan

mobile phones running on Android. The ever-increasing numbers of Android users are the reasons why it is made available for such wide range of platforms.

Design and Layout

Hologram like appearance is the noticeable change that developers have brought in Junaio Augmented Reality Browser iPhone app.  Some of the patterns and menu appear completely new that you must not have witnessed before and the sole credit goes to the advances technology used for this purpose. Even after offering endless numbers of features, using this browser are quite easy with simple to navigate menus. You will also have no troubles while switching between windows and AR.  Scanning with QR code is as easy as anything as all users need to do is tap on the icon and everything else will be taken care through automated system.  Overall design and appearance is quite marvelous.


With such tremendous features and reality based options makes Junaio Augmented Reality Browser iPhone app quite a promising utility that anyone and everyone owning iOS or Android based devices can use. Its demo version is free of cost and only consumes 7.2 MB of memory. This application is designed for those who like getting the taste of future.

Junaio Augmented Reality Browser app requires iOS 4.3 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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    Hi I tried to download Junaio but daid can’t not available In Australia can you tell me if it will be available in Australia thanking you Michelle

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