Jukebox Genius – A Complete Music Quiz iPhone App

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Title: Music Quiz – Jukebox Genius
Developer: Tom Callaghan
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Jukebox Genius iPhone app review

Jukebox Genius iPhone app review

Developed by Tom Callaghan, Jukebox Genius iPhone App is a unique application of its kind. It will let you know how well aware are you when it comes to your own music library. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, this application is based on iOS 5.0.  Music lovers are going to be very happy with this application because with the excellent features. Not only it used your own music tracks, but makes them shuffle very smartly to increase the fun of playing this superb game.


It has features that discriminate Jukebox Genius iPhone App from the rest. This app provides online multiplayer option to users. Complete application is based on one’s iPod library and bonus rounds make it more interesting. One can play with friends and look for scores made by him and friends. It is just like participating in a popular TV game show, where a tune will be played and you have to guess about its artist. There are single and multiplayer options that one can choose to play individually or with friends. More importantly, this application is made available at free of cost, at least the for the few levels is. To get the full version, one has to pay 99c. More levels can be unlocked if you play smartly and guess correctly. And more questions with single answer, in higher levels he will attain and this is the only available in full version of this app. Facebook friends can be challenged using this application to make it more interesting.

Jukebox Genius iPhone app Gameplay

Jukebox Genius iPhone app Gameplay

Layout and Design

Developers have been very elegant while designing Jukebox Genius iPhone App and the whole application appears quite classy.  Graphics are quite simple and one will not be distracted while playing as soothing game play is made available by nice usage of graphics. Using just the most perfect color schemes in background and front makes it an excellent application. Standard font size with various button colors makes it comfortable to view song titles. Moreover, sound clarity makes it easier to hear songs being played.

Overall Value

It surely is an excellent offer to use such a featured pack application for free of cost. Taking music files from your own music library and creating a game out of that makes it very interesting.  Though some of you might consider it a too simple game, but that is not true as some of your favorite songs will be very difficult to guess. Those with hundreds of tracks in their music library will find it very amusing with lots of newer tracks coming. Running on multiple devices, Jukebox Genius iPhone App is a handy pass time that one can use without paying anything. All in all, just the kind of software that one needs during travel or free time with friends.

Jukebox Genius app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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  1. Maurice says:

    Thanks for sharing this great app with us! I thought I would let you know of a similar app called Kwizzly, it takes photos and blurs them out, and then you have to guess what they are.

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