In Arrivo! HD iPhone App Review

In Arrivo! HD iphone app review

In Arrivo! HD iphone app review

In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is designed for those who want to keep track of the bus and taxi schedule in the Rome and Milan. The app is developed by the famous company, Fabrizio Bartolomucci which is known for the world class app all across the world. The app is just 26.5 MB in size that too packing all aping graphics and attractive visuals. The app is categorized as the Travel app and is available in 7 different languages including English, French and Spanish. But, the user will have to spend$3.99 for buying it. The app is compatible for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad having iOS version 6.1 or later. In addition, the app is uptimes for the iPhone 5 as well.


In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is designed with excellent features of free taxi reservation. This app is jointly in pact with taxis in Rome and Milan. Unlike other similar apps, there are no hidden fees in this app. The app can be purchased just once and then can be installed on all the devices of single user. The app utilizes your location and provides the apt mode of transportation for reaching the target spot in the most apt way. Also, the app is programmed to provide the list of available busses in the local area in just a single tap. Also, the user can locate the local bus stop and the fastest way to reach including the shortcut pathways for walking. Not only this, but it will let you know which mode of transport to catch at particular time of day. And booking are now kept in the back office so allowing the contemporary presence of more than one at the same time. This will let you know if the bus is arriving on the stop or not. Thus, you can easily get an estimation of time to reach the stop to catch bus or to catch taxi for reaching your target location. The app is in sync with the official Rome and Milan Transport website; thus, provides the perfect update to you.

In Arrivo! HD iphone app maps

In Arrivo! HD iphone app maps

Design and Layout

In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is designed in the simple way just like a normal mapping app. The broad header bar displays the info about the destination and has text box for search. Also, it display the info right in the map so as the user does not have to switch to another screen for the same. Also, a single on it will display the entire list of the buses available on that time. Not only this, but it also display the side menu so that the user can access the app setting and other important menu item directly from any screen.

Overall Value

In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is, no doubt, a useful app for Rome and Milan residents. It will help them to be on time everywhere they roam in the Rome.

In Arrivo! HD app requires iOS 6.1 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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