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Title: iMediaShare Lite – Video on TV
Developer: Bianor
Price: Free
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iMediaShare Lite - Video on TV iPhone app review

iMediaShare Lite – Video on TV iPhone app review

The new iMediaShare Lite iPhone app is a great tool to combine with your TV to bring home loads of fun. The latest TV sets are internet savvy and this make it possible for the iPhone app to bring your favorite television shows to your drawing-room at a nothing cost.


The basic concept of the iMediaShare Lite iPhone App is not entirely new, but it is a great option to bring in media to your TV through the iPhone device you own. This app is suitable for TV sets that are internet enabled and need a local Wi-Fi connection to run. Finding an internet ready TV is not a big task nowadays because most television sets come with this inbuilt facility. Once you connect your iMediaShare Lite iPhone app to your tele it instantly start pumping a flow of media content to the system. The application affords you the choice selecting from number of channels that are open and you can access Apple TV and your favorite XBOX 360 with great ease. Sometimes the Streaming can not be to your liking but when it works you will have quality time. The application is about the size of 6 MB and it enables you to control your television viewing by using your iPhone device. It is also compatible with iPod Touch, iPad that are running 4.1 or the latest. The application also support the viewing of many online channels that include You Tube, Face Book, Funny or Die, NASA TV and extra. The premium version of this application offer you additional options like more video channels  with HD and advertisement free TV viewing.

iMediaShare Lite - Video on TV iPhone app top picks

iMediaShare Lite – Video on TV iPhone app top picks

Layout and Design

The overall appearance and performance of the iMediaShare Lite iPhone App is pretty appealing and gives you an overall good feeling. The navigation menu is easy to operate and you will have no difficulty whatsoever in achieving the various menu destinations. It is a great application for you to have because it sort of works like a Remote for you Television set with many plus options. This is a great convenience at a comparatively low-cost that helps you view many of your favorite television shows.

Overall Value

The iMediaShare Lite iPhone app is a free software and that makes its value greatly worthwhile. A person who does not want to go for expensive options for viewing TV channels can definitely try this one.  In the normal course we spend a lot on satellite or cable packages for viewing television shows but with the iMediaShare Lite iPhone app you can stream media content into your television practically for nothing. Make the most of the free offer by getting it into your iPhone device.

iMediaShare Lite – Video on TV app requires iOS 6.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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