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Title: I Talk Bird Trainer
Developer: Alpha Apps
Price: $3.99
Overall Rating:

The I Talk Bird Trainer App is one of the best app to trainee your birds. The app is fully automated which teaches your bird to talk by repetition. The app really makes sense for birds with reputable voice recognization. The app also gives you the lifetime support  with further changes too.

You can follow the 3 simple Step to Setup:

  1. Record & save your voice within the app
  2. Set Your Desired Time Interval For The Phrase To Repeat
  3. Set The Total Time You Want The App To Run For
Here are the simple Talk tips:
  • Have plenty of treats ready, and treats that you can eat as well as the bird like bread, whole grain muffins, apple bits, etc.
  • Greet your bird and handle your bird while training.
  • Say the word “hi” to your bird and reward yourself a treat.
  • Watch your bird to see if it acknowledges the treat.
  • Once the bird is aware that you have treats repeat the word and each time reward yourself.
  • Keep working in this style until the bird says “hi“ or at least responds with sound.
  • If the bird is not recognizing the pattern give the bird a treat as you say “hi” a couple of times.

Overall, the app comes with good UI with reputed training service. But if there is some user background customization, it looks more good rather the dark background. The app is available for download from App store link below.

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