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Healthy Alarm iphone app review

Healthy Alarm iphone app review

Healthy Alarm iPhone app is a magnificent iPhone app which is highly helpful for those who have the habit of snoozing alarm often. The app is evolved by Yoon Hyup Hwang which is well renowned for helpful mobile app. The app is kept very simple and hence has very small size of 13.3 MB. The app requires iOS 5.0 version or higher. The app does not goal any specific age group; therefore the rating is 4+ for this app. The latest type of app is accessible for $0.99 and can be easily established on any compatible iPhone.


Healthy Alarm iPhone app has been granted very exclusive characteristics which are fit for assisting any individual that has habit of snoozing alarm. Most importantly, the app is supplied with exclusive style of halting alarm which has been evolved by experts. Also, you can effortlessly set alarm founded on days, weekends or shift bases. Another very useful feature of app is that it permits user to add the multiple alarm which is mechanically modified as per the daily agenda of individual who has habit of overtaking alarms every day. Another very cool characteristic of this app is its ability to sync the time to all the set alarms which have to be buzzed for awaking the client. In other phrases, once an individual will sync time for one and it will be synced for all alarms at the same time.

Healthy Alarm iPhone app exercise

Healthy Alarm iPhone app exercise

Design and Layout

Healthy Alarm iPhone app has been designed with very simple yet productive layout so that you can easily use it while you are On – The – Move. The screen encompasses the top header bar where the choices to basic info are supplied in the series. The user gets very fast you feels get access to alarm setting along with basic info like network symbol, time and battery meter. Below the header bar, the scrollable list of alarms is given with the up to date feature of unlimited scrolling. The window wraps the maximum area of screen without looking untidy. To offer quick glimpse retrieval, the facility to accredit particular time has been supplied for each snoozing time. This means you can set time in which you can effortlessly get up for halting alarm. About the space, the app provides virtually unlimited alarm space. So, client can go in as many alarms in any pattern as you can without being concerned about the insufficiency of recollection space.

Overall Value

Healthy Alarm iPhone app has all the characteristics that a common alarm snoozing person would like to have in its high-tech alarm timepiece to get up soon. The fast answer and proficiency to enter multiple alarms permit individual to use it effectively. Overall, it is a should try app for iPhone users.

Healthy Alarm app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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