Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app: wake up with a scare!

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Title: Halloween Alarm Clock
Developer: TourBuddy Systems
Price: $0.99
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Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app review

Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app review

Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app is a great wake up tool for people who love spooky sounds. What is the fun of waking up from bed each morning with routine sounds like bird chirping or cars moving on the roads? This innovative application is developed by TourBuddy Systems, is premium pack and  priced at a lowly $0.99. The application is also compatible to iPod touch, iPad and will require iOS 3.0 or a later version to run.


Your mornings will not be the same anymore! This Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app has enough to scare the hell out of you! It is packed with 20 alarming spooky sounds to evoke the Halloween sprit in you and you have the choice of setting multiple alarms to wake you from your stupor.  You have the choice selecting horrible wake up sounds like Trapped by a Demon, Bad Babysitter, Haunt New Tenants, Ghouls Night Out, Buy Candy, Carve Pumpkins and many more to get you into the mood.

Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app timings

Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app timings

Design and Layout

Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app is designed to appease horror buffs and completely lives up to the promise of the label. It is no sweeter wakeup calls or chimes to stir you out of your sleep. You will wake up to the howling and gut wrenching wails of vampires, witches, monsters, ghosts, zombies and werewolves. The sounds are listed in near order and one has to simply tap the sound you want to be woken up with. The opening window with skull and clock sets the tone for what is to come and the 4 other screens meant for setting and editing the clock timings and sounds are clearly defined for easy operations. The Halloween Alarm Clock screen shows various alarm timings and dates you set in a tabular form. These are accompanied by different sounds you chose for that occasion. There are two other screens that contain 10 spooky sounds each show the theme you wish to choose. The settings screen display various options and functions associated with setting the alarm. Here you can choose a specific sound or random sound to suit your mood from the menu or you can go for the repeat option provided. A very clearly designed time setter and snoozing option is provided for your convenience. You can customize the snoozing time for each alarm and also name them to edit easily later.

Overall Value

Halloween Alarm Clock iPhone app is not freeware but is worth buying for the unconventional wakeup calls you hear through the day. It is not highly priced and a new audio update is available for this app. Once bought, the app can be used in all your devices.

Halloween Alarm Clock app requires iOS 3.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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