Create Custom Invitations with Gulab — Invite Maker App

Gulab - Invite Maker iphone app review

Gulab – Invite Maker iphone app review

Gulab – Invite Maker iPhone app is a crafty portable iPhone app that allows users to add a creative punch in the innovative invitation card design. The app is developed by the famous GeoBos Co. which has known for its innovative app ideas. The app is highly portable in size, grabbing only 22.5 MB space in the compatible iPhone, iPod and iPad. The app needs to the iOS version 5.0 or later. The app has also been optimized for bigger screen of the latest iPhone 5 series. This wonderful app is available in the iTunes store at just $ 0.99, which is worth paying for it.


Gulab – Invite Maker iPhone app has been loaded with a number of creative features that makes the app highly innovative and exciting. The app gives freedom to the user for creating the custom invitation cards. The app can be used to click the snaps and selfies directly from the device inbuilt camera. Also, the app allows the user to add the images from the gallery and camera rolls. Apart from this, the app is loaded with the number of features like the Scaling of the images, Pan, resize and adjusting the colors of the invitation. The advanced features like the opacity and text insertion make the app highly useful. Not only this, but the app provides unlimited layouts and custom frames to be added. Side by side, the sharing features has been a side aid in the app that allows the instant sharing of the invitations so created.

Gulab - Invite Maker iphone app invitations

Gulab – Invite Maker iphone app invitations

Design And Layout

Gulab – Invite Maker iPhone app is programmed with a simple interface and easy to use design of the layout. The app has been tested on all benchmarks of the simplicity and security. The main screen of the app covers the entire screen in order to offer max area for editing. The editing buttons are offered at the bottom bar in tabbed order. The side menu can be pulled out by sliding right on the screen. Side by side, the instant sharing buttons is provided in the main menu of the app. The long list of the custom as well as inbuilt fonts are ready to be used for the text, making the invitation highly unique and appealing.

Overall Impression

Gulab – Invite Maker iPhone app is, no doubt, a must have app for those who love parties. It is also suited for inviting the friends in the online event on social networking sites or on the blogs. The excellent reviews and higher rating make this app as the most suitable and easy-to-use app as compared to other apps of similar platform, not just because it offers unlimited layouts and templates, but also because it adds a custom creative touch to the e-invitation.

Gulab – Invite Maker app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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