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Title: Ghost Racer
Developer: Physmo
Price: $0.99
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Ghost Racer iphone app review

Ghost Racer iphone app review

Ghost Racer iPhone app is a great game from speedrun platform, developed by Physmo suitable to play with iPhone 5 and iPad 2. This is a great appeal for speedrun fans where they can race their cars to meet the time trials and race with ghosts of other players.


Ghost Racer iPhone app gives you the taste of realistic driving and your progress is constantly updated to all your devices via iCloud. A high-definition, retina-play for universal application in iPhone and iPad and also has the iPhone 5 screen support. With the GameCenter support a player can keep track of scores worldwide and also can challenge friends for dueling. This game offers a total of 22 achievements that a player can earn by racing. It is supported for wireless controllers.

Concept and Gameplay

Ghost Racer iphone app gameplay

Ghost Racer iphone app gameplay

Ghost Racer iPhone app is a top-down racing game in 2D and is built on time trial mode. The basic need of the game is to race around tracks setting lap records and winning medals by beating different records. But the highlight of the game that sets the pulse of the player is ghost racing. A player here has the option of racing the ghost of the best run lap. The next 5 entrant’s ghost can also be challenged. But the race heats up when you challenge other players who come from Game Center. Racing a ghost is more exciting than the monotonous individual race and this game offers you several quests where you do just this. Creating the fastest time in the world can be highly exciting and with this app a player can accomplish that by competing with international racers. The racing tracks are structurally easy for motor racing and they are also short for players to complete it quickly and move on to another lap. Cars are not endowed with great design and mostly nondescript and the surrounding graphics are just plain, since the emphasis is on the race it hardly matters for a player. There are many color variations to cars that one can either unlock or purchase. The tracks all over present the same look and you find not any variation. The application also let you track scores of international players whom you can challenge for racing through GameCenter. You have a total of 12 tracks where you can duel with friend’s ghosts and get your name on the leader board. Now the game is integrated with large buttons to afford smooth play and a few bothersome bugs were also fixed. The arcade joystick is also multitasking compatible to make the game more versatile.

Overall Value

This will be a truly exciting experience for players who love it in the multiplayer mode. Ghost Racer iPhone app is realistically built on the physical aspects and has the most advanced functional controls to afford smooth play. The racing game is free and there is no need for a player to wait.

Ghost Racer app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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