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GD MAG iPad App

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Title: GD MAG
Developer: Neuhaus Media GmbH
Price: Free
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GD MAG iPad App Review

GD MAG iPad App Review

There is no doubt that GD MAG is one of the most popular magazines for men in the modern world today and more and more people are always looking for the latest launch.  Now, this magazine has been made available for iPad and you can now get to know all about the newer updates in this digital format.  You have nothing to worry about as this digital format is nothing less than reading a real magazine. One of the reasons why it has gained tremendous popularity is the content, which is much more than what you generally find in a real magazine. The Preview Issue has been made available for free of cost that you can download from the official website for your iPad, iPad and iPod touch.  Experience of GD MAG iPad app will be nothing like anything as video and flash content will just add to the interesting content.


New GD MAG iPad app is equipped with some astonishing features. Have a glance at the following, the magazine is quite dynamic and is available with some interactive games. Yes, you heard right, digital version of this extremely popular magazine for men allows you to play some very interesting games within the magazine. One of the real issues with digital magazines have been the size that seldom allows people in general to download and enjoy on mobile devices such as iPad or iPad, but that certainly is not the case with GD MAG. It is quite smaller in size and can very easily be downloaded and it will not hamper graphics quality either. To support the stories and content, video files have been added that will never let you get bored of reading.

GD MAG iPad App Interactive

GD MAG iPad App Interactive

The most important feature of the whole GD MAG iPad app is its graphics. Even though it is not among the sharpest ones, but will certainly not disappoint you with the kind of menu options and patterns that they have brought together.  The application is a combination of compactness and variations in features. Small yet interesting games added in between have not increased its size and at times you wonder what makes it possible to offer such large numbers of options in this a small size.  To make it accessible from iPad and iPad, developers have very carefully designed this app with greater resolution to make all pages of the magazine appear crystal clear.


Altogether if you are fancy about GD MAG, this is one of the apps that you must give a try.  All features and content can now be read right from your Apple phone. More importantly, the experience of reading it on a digital level will allow you to view better image quality and attached video for detailed visual explanation of content. The free version is available to let you know what there in side and if satisfied with the overall app and its features, you can become a regular subscriber of this popular magazine.

GD MAG app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPad.

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