Fruit Ninja – A Stylish iPhone Game App Review

Ninjas, it rings a bell somewhere doesn’t it? You remember the endless hours spent drooling all over the idiot-box as you watch Naruto, watching black robed men throw star shaped knives and play with various elementals with laser precision, non-descript masks covering their faces as they execute their code. Little did we know, that we could carry one of them ninjas, in our pockets.

Yes this refers to mankind’s latest ninja, whose popularity has capsized most of history’s gaming statistics. Well, you play this game, making your way up the scoreboard with the aid of your trusted sensei.

Fruit Ninja Game

Fruit Ninja- Closer View

The game has a very attractive start up screen which lets you choose whether you want to play a new game, go to Sensei’s Dojo (where you unlock the updates), open feint (online scoreboard) and an option to Quit.

When you choose new game, you get options like Classic modeArcade mode and Zen ModeClassic mode has a mountain of restrictions that gives you only 3 fruit misses (the counter goes down if you progress well enough), while touching the bomb will get you retire. But, it doesn’t have a time limit, which means you could go on if your fingers were nimble enough. Definitely not for a klutz!

Fruit Ninja iPhone App

Arcade mode goes a bit easier on you the bombs just eats on your points, or rather makes you look stupid. But there is a slight addition, you get bonus bananas. This, albeit sounding cheesy, is a great addition. There are 3 types, one that allows better combos by reducing frame speed, another one that increases the fruit speed thus increasing fruits sliced and a third one that doubles points accumulated. There is however, a time limit of 60 seconds.

Finally, there is Zen mode, which has no bombs, no lives and 90 secs, as half brick likes to put it. Well, that’s the game play.

Oh and then there is Sensei’s proverbial DOJO! Well, it’s a very boring concept of unlocking various add-ons like a cool new swipe or a better looking (at least they think it does).. Well, you could say if the idea of cutting fruits seems appealing to you, this game and you could be bunk-buddies.

Pros and Cons

This game has many good points, one of them being, the lack of any complexity. The lucid gameplay features allow even the retard kind to play it with relative ease. Another feature that stands out is the idea in itself. Kids these days like games that appeal to their reflexes. While Counter Strike could increase your field of vision, this could enhance the way your fingers move (no pun intended).

Well, everything good has a bad side to it. The excessive usage of swipe movement is the bad side of Fruit Ninja Game. Complaints have been raised that this game and a couple of other games are having a negative effect on the touch screens. Another shortcoming is the lack of improvisation, I mean being subtle is one thing while being redundant is another. The repetition of the same scenario over and over again can irritate the most bored of gamers.


The game is fun and keeps you occupied! Exactly what you need from a game! So sit back and download and unleash your Ninja fury.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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