Flipboard iPhone App Review

This application was originally created for iPad users. Apple has now launched the Flipboard 1.7 for the iPhone users too. This tool helps you to rediscover the web content in the form of a stylized magazine. The application collects information from various websites, blogs, and social networks and “curates” based on your reading preference. Although the application is not as good as the original version, but it does allow various features to enhance your reading. So is it suited for the small screen iPhone? Let’s find out.

Flipboard Features

To avail the services of this application, you will need to create an account (free). The application is itself free of cost.

The application allows you to read content and opens up photos which you have previously shared. Its collection is based on the content you read which is again based on your preferences. This is really cool, although it is too early to comment on its effectiveness and accuracy.

Flipboard iPhone app

This has one of the most user friendly interfaces which is interactive in nature. After you open the application, there is an animated waggle transition that you can see. You need to touch on that part of the screen and then you gain access to all the content in the form of a board. It is very similar to pin ups or notes on a board. The interactive design is the best feature offered by the application.

How does it work?

You can flip through the digital magazine, by swiping vertically in case you are using the iPhone. The feeling is almost real on the iPad as you swipe horizontally. The page turn effect is brilliant! The page will highlight all the articles and notes which the application thinks is fitting for you. This is completely based on your preferences. Over a period of time, this judgement will improve. As you read more articles or visit particular web content, the application will tune it accordingly.

The “cover stories” feature will bring to you the most recent and popular stories available on the web.


  • The cover stories feature.
  • You can get the real feel of reading a spiralled notebook
  • Stay up to date with the various topics which interest you
  • Saves you the effort of browsing to find out pages which might interest you.
  • An amazing interactive interface.


  • At times, it feels odd to read lengthy articles by swiping vertically.
  • Page numbers displayed for longer articles may not be correct.
  • You need to preset certain preferences, like the Read Later tab. It also fails to optimize reading structure for a few websites.


All in all the application integrates the features of tools like the Twitter Reader and the RSS reader. It is excellent software for reading articles on the smaller iPhone screen. However it is not meant for everyone. Those of you, who like to explore new content daily, may not find the application suitable.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

download from iTunes

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