Finding the Way Home for iPad: Educative App for Children with Touch Experience

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Title: Finding the Way Home
Price: $0.99
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Finding the Way Home iPhone app review

Finding the Way Home iPhone app review

Finding the way home iPad app is a great educative tool for children of tender age. The story concept has been laid out and executed by IMAGOTOPIA LLC to engage kids and is a premium app costing $0.99


A great story teller app for kids embellished with extraordinary illustrations and enchanting narration. The original story concept makes the readers to immerse completely while they learn the tricks of reading. A fantastic tutoring tool integrated with fun element. Story puzzles included in the app makes it intriguing for the children to think way outs. Number of characters with colorful inclination is featured to keep the kids engaged. Series of fun filled adventures allow the children to get absorbed into the story and recognize and learn the letters. Accompanied sounds and sights make it enjoyable for children while they spell small words and play rhymes. Each episode reveals new words and sounds and combinations of both for children to learn.

Finding the Way Home iPhone app storybook

Finding the Way Home iPhone app storybook

Concept and Layout

Finding the way home iPad app story concept involves Oggy the Frog who was blown away by a devastating storm. When the frog finds that it no more has a home like the other character Dorothy he decides to engage the help of other characters to leap frog back home. The story concept is drawn in the line of interactive engagement. The characters whom Oggy asks for help have their own problems to solve hence asked to assist in resolving them. The gameplay revolves around these incidents. iPads are great devices for teaching children to learn and read. The story is integrated with the basics of learning the alphabets and pronouncing small words and combinations. This may not be suitable for children who have already learnt to identify and speak the letters. The story telling and graphic makes it a compelling engagement for children and the puzzles has the correct balance for the intended audience. One flaw with find the way home iPad app is that the entire story telling has to be heard through in one sitting. Why the developers have not provided the ‘pause’ element in to this story app is a mystery. Another flaw is that the entire narration is enacted by a single voice and adding more characters to tell the story would have added multi-dimension to the proceedings. Apart from these small setbacks, the app can be recommended as a great choice for children learning taking the steps to learn alphabets.

Overall Value

Finding the way home iPad app is a real learning curve for children. Great interaction and puzzle play makes it a compulsive buy and the price is not that hard to afford. In a scenario where children apps are priced as high as $5 this is easy buy. A strict ‘no miss’ for your kids, just get it!

Finding the Way Home app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPad.

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