Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app: Memorable Experience for Kids!

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Title: Fairy Tales for Clever Kids
Developer: Stanislav Ustymenko
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app review

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app review

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app has a compilation of world-renowned fairy tales that your child will get hooked quickly. The game is also interactive that test the intelligence of your kids with each story followed by questions. The application is free to download and is presented by Stanislav Ustymenko. It will occupy a space of the size of 39.2 MB. The free version comes with the ‘Ugly Duckling’ fairy tale. The game is compatible with iPad, iPod and iPhone.


Great illustrations marked by professional work makes it unforgettable and enjoyable experience for children. The questions that follow each page are related to the surrounding environment that has great educational value. The dragging and dropping options provided by way of answering is a great feature that every kind will surely enjoy. Each story has moral values that teach children to be wise and kind persons. The app has a great atmosphere for children and it gives the impression of being deeply involved in the fairy tale world of magic all the time. The game is available in English, German, Russian and French.

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app story

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app story

Concept and Gameplay

The story that comes with the Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app is Ugly Duckling and isn’t cute! When you read out each page of the story to your kid you will find a question at the bottom of each page. It is interactive and the child needs to do things like dragging an egg to the basket. Once the task is the story continues to next page. The next page will also have a poser for your child to progress further in to the storyline. It is a kind of game that has a straight story line with no twist or turn. The entire game concept revolves around story telling and there is no distraction to your child whatsoever. Each story has a moral teaching that your child has to understand and figure out. In the ugly duckling the reader may have to find a worm to feed the duckling that will require the child to identify, drag and drop the worm on the duckling.  As the game progresses the finding out mission can get a little more complicated and the reader and the child involved may need to do a lot of figuring out.

Overall Value

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids iPhone app is great game kids! The stories are great for reading to children and the interactive element help them gain great moral values. This free application is greatly entertaining and the storyline nicely balance with interaction. The Free version containing only one story you can add more by purchasing stories like Cinderella for $1.99. It is simple fun that is must for kids.

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids app requires iOS 4.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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