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Doodley Moore iPhone app

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Title: Doodley Moore
Developer: Codewalla
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Doodley Moore iPhone app review

Doodley Moore iPhone app review

Doodley Moore iPhone app is one of the best drawing program designed for iPhone and iPad. It is completely new and innovative form of program. It helps to draw or sketch on any video or photo. It has been developed by codewalla and is sized at 12.3mb. It is a program which enhances the imagination and forestalls a new creation.


Doodley Moore iPhone app is a master piece for the people with an interest in drawing. It has a better and much more concrete user interface which has been updated with latest technology. The user can now draw any thing with the help of this app even on a running video as well as a photo. The colors can be adjusted to give a more vibrant look to the creations. The camera is also well inserted with this app one can change and undo it as per his needs and requirements. The newly constructed photo can be saved in the library and easily shared with friends through social networking sites.

Doodley Moore iPhone app tools

Doodley Moore iPhone app tools

Design and Layout

Doodley Moore iPhone app has many outstanding elements which make it a very precious. One of the most extolling features is its enhanced and improved user interface. Then a quality brush has been added to the tools to make drawing more opulent. Magnificent and rare designs can also be constructed on photos taken from camera. The adjustable color scheme provides completely vivacious drawings. The use of brush and pencil has been renovated in a new way. Separate features have been invigorated in the app which improves the background of any picture or photo. The color schemes have been inserted in the app to make the designing and drawings look more vibrant. An innovative set of gestures have also been boosted in this app. It is till date the best app to help in etching out dreams on photos. It is a sleek and trendy app. It does not cause any harm to the person who uses it consistently. It consists of accessories which transform not only dead pictures but bring back life in them. It creates wonders which are unsurpassable even by great artists.

Overall Value

Doodley Moore iPhone app is considered to be very vital for a person who is interested in drawing and designing. A true lover of art can never resist his pulse to not purchase this app. It does not give much load to the purse because one can easily download this app for free. It is a premium quality of software. It has more worth than any person can think to draw or paint. It has been tested and approved by the experts for use.

Doodley Moore app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is also optimized for iPhone 5.

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