DiveMaster iOS App Review

DiveMaster iPhone app review

DiveMaster iPhone app review

DiveMaster can be described as a five-star application with which users can enjoy the ability to effectively record vital information. Such information may include details about their log book, their equipment, and their insurance for scuba diving. They can additionally mark and record the drive sites they use.


The app is actually categorized into five elements, which include Logged Dives, Dives Sites, Equipment Register, Dive Qualifications, and User Data.

· User Data – Under this element the user can record both personal and basic details such as insurance info, next of kin details, and contact details.

· Dive Qualifications – Under this category the application can be used to record and display all dive qualifications, therefore it is designed to keep multiple cards.

· Equipment Register – Under this section the app keeps key details about one’s dive equipment. This may include the type of the dive equipment and its serial number.

· Dives Sites – Under this section the app offers the aptitude to record the exact dive sites location. In this category, the app makes use of Smart Phones built-in GPS. Also, users can record images as a part of their experience, and they can record key data such as the resort, rating, date, and name.

· Dives Logged – Under this category, the app actually provides the user with a dependable dive book that aims to keep key details for their dive. This may include dive buddy, dive rating, water temp, time in, and date.

DiveMaster app dive charateristics

DiveMaster app dive characteristics


· The user data part of the application can serve as a point of reference whenever somebody ought to be contacted in a case of emergency, and can also provide key data whenever you’d like to make an insurance claim while you’re away from home.

· The app is generally convenient since whenever one travels the phone is one of the crucial things they take along with them.

· Users can take quality photos when diving as a way to capture and record the moments of wonderful experience. They can hence share incredible photos on social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

· The app additionally offers a map with which users can see all of their record dive sites. The map can actually show them at a glance where on earth they’ve been diving, and they can select the best location they’d like recorded for that experience.


· While a considerable number of people use android devices, the app is only compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

DiveMaster app requires iOS 10.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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