Take on international players with Celeb Poker Free iPhone app

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Title: Celeb Poker Free
Developer: Viaden
Price: Free
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Celeb Poker iPhone app review

Celeb Poker iPhone app review

Celeb Poker Free iPhone app is great fun for poker players and this free to download software gives the user insurmountable pleasure while playing with various celebrities in international tournaments.


The are many exciting features integrated in this Celeb Poker Free iPhone app that a player will find it highly encouraging. One such feature is the language options that you can use when playing. There are 6 most spoken language choices in the offering. Two most popular poker games namely Omaha Hi and Texas Hold ‘em are  offered as play select options available for the players. International tournaments can be participated and a player can take a shot at leader board by competent play. This app also allows you to socialize and you can send messages and gifts to co-players. There are about 150 poker achievements a player can earn and through the social networks Twitter & Facebook you can also invite your friends to join in the fun. You can also customize your table before you start playing you can also personalize your account with the unloadable version. This application is built with support for GameCenter access for leader boards and achievements.

Celeb Poker play single account

Celeb Poker play single account

Concept and Gameplay

The poker tables are designed with poker ambience in celeb Poker Free iPhone app and you will immediately get the feel when you see photographs of players from all over the world. This also emphasize the point how this app encourage socializing. you can also frame your own profile and upload it with a photo of your for other players to view. Through Facebook and GameCenter you can invite friends to play with you and you can earn precious chips that are absolutely free. The design and the concept of this game also allow the player to send messages and chat live with others. You are offered the best poker options of Texas Hold’em and Omaha Hi and when you start the play you will get a table that is straight and a game already arranged. You also have the option of selecting game tables to your liking from available choices. This game though very entertaining may not be an instant hit with beginners because of the complex rule they have to adopt while playing. It is advised that they learn the rules before they jump into any play. You can also enjoy live music from the integrated music player and the makers also offer round the clock live support. You can also have your own table by booking where you can ask your friends to participate.

Overall Value

This Celeb Poker Free iPhone app can be great fun, not because it is free, but it actually gives you the opportunity to play with international players and socialize. Go for it!

Celeb Poker app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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