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Kidtrol — Parental Control App Blocker: A Comprehensive Review

Kidtrol – Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-review Parental Control on a New Level: Kidtrol is definitely the best free parental control app available today. Gone are the days of having to take a teen’s phone away or of watching his or her grades drop as time on the phone takes precedence over doing homework. Also gone […]

PDF Reader iPad App: Carry Your Business with You

PDF Reader iPad app review PDF Reader iPad app is ideal software that helps the user to read various files related to business. This app is highly useful in filling forms, adding comments to your PDF documents and access files from anywhere and assists in your business matters like Man Friday. Features One of the […]

Train your Birds with I Talk Bird Trainer App

The I Talk Bird Trainer App is one of the best app to trainee your birds. The app is fully automated which teaches your bird to talk by repetition. The app really makes sense for birds with reputable voice recognization. The app also gives you the lifetime support  with further changes too. You can follow the 3 simple Step to […]