Camera+ iPhone App – A High Quality Scene Mode Camera

The Camera+ for iPhone is an application for taking photographs. The iPhone comes with a great camera and this application manifests the photo into a masterpiece. This is not just an ordinary application. It is a complete studio where you not only take photos but also edit them. The touch screen is awesome and the controls are fabulous. You can make slide shows and photo journals.

There is a viewfinder and a lightbox in this application. When you launch the Camera+ you can see the viewfinder in a small place. This shows you what is visible to your camera. Now “take photos” to take the picture you desire.

Camera+ iPhone app


The lightbox is the storehouse of all the photos you have taken with your Camera+ application. The light box is very appealing visually. It consists of a filmstrip with three photos. The saved photos do not roll out unless you want. You can tap a photo if you want to edit the photo. You can also save, copy and share the photos.

Editing Options Available


This feature is similar to the different modes on a digital point and shoot camera. You can choose different scenes like auto, flash, sunset, night, backlit, portrait, beach, concert, food and text.


You can choose from the 9 different crop ratios that are available.


You can choose from 21 different types of effects that are available.


There are 7 borders available. There is a grid line to help you take the snap. Also there is a stabilizer which does not allow you to take the photo unless the camera is still. This helps you to take better photos.


  • There is a 6X zoom, a stabilizer and a grid.
  • There are various options available for taking the photos like the crop ratios, and effects scenes.
  • You can share your photos on various social networking sites.
  • There is a lightbox and viewfinder


  • You cannot view any photo full screen.
  • Once you save the photos to the film roll it will be removed from the lightbox.


The photo details like the place where the photo was taken, aperture settings and exposure are all available easily. The main advantage over Android users is that you can easily share your photos on Twitter, Facebook while they cannot. The Camera+ application costs around $0.99, however, it is definitely worth the money.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 5/5

download from iTunes

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