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Title: Brave Commando
Developer: Bozhidar Bratoev
Price: $0.99
Overall Rating:
Brave Commando iPhone app review

Brave Commando iPhone app review

Brave Commando iPhone app is a wonderful combat mobile gaming app which is designed for adventurous experience right on the move. Developed by reputed mobile gaming company Bozhidar Bratoev, app is suitable for all age groups above 9. The app is compatible for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It requires iOS 4.3 or higher. Recently, the app has been customized for latest iPhone 5 as well. Despite being fine 2D graphical game, the size of app is only 11.7 MB which makes very easy to download & install in few moments. However, one has to pay $0.99 to buy it. But, it is worth paying for.


Brave Commando iPhone app is full of many adorable features. Experts have integrated game with all characteristics of a thrilling adventurous game. First of all, the game is designed on magnificent 2D platform which offer classical look to the game. Side by side, the sharp poster colored graphics along with perfect combination of hue & saturation makes it highly adorable. The animation & visual effects are kept simple yet appealing which suits best for the high definition retina screen of Apple Mobile Devices. Being a combat gaming app, Brave Commando is provided with a inspiring tune & background music. In addition, the sound effects for animation sequences are much more attractive for a player. The quick response & simple touch interface algorithms are yet another main feature of app which makes it more adorable among gamers.

Brave Commando iPhone app gameplay

Brave Commando iPhone app gameplay

Concept & Gameplay

Brave Commando iPhone app has been designed on simple concepts of a fighting game. User has to play a role of brave commando who has responsibility to save his city. The city has been designed with lots of explosives & missiles roaming out in streets. Enemy troops are on petrol to shoot anybody who comes in way. Player gets chance to ride helicopter & shoot enemy using integrated missiles. As per the theme, there is no government on eh earth & no society in the city. All the people have taken shelter at a safe place. The retro graphics of the game are suitable for helicopter ride interface. The games interface has been made a bit difficult to enhance the interest of players. During the Gameplay, player sees whole screen covered with level of game with a very small bar having the info about scores & player’s life at the top. This provides a sense of wide screen Gameplay, mainly if played on iPad or iPhone 5 and further need to be improved.

Overall Value

Brave Commando iPhone app can be described as a fine combat game for 2D game lovers. It has all the qualities of being a number game among the mobile players. The fine reviews & ratings of users clearly describe its excellence. It must need a little tweaks to make the game to play as better qualified role on the store. In short, it is a must play game for all those who want to experience thrill of combat right on the move.

Brave Commando iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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