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Title: Best Gin Rummy
Developer: Kuralsoft
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
Best Gin Rummy iPhone app review

Best Gin Rummy iPhone app review

Best Gin Rummy iPhone app is a perfect gaming app for those who want to enjoy rummy on the move. The app is equipped with all exciting features that a user would like to in its rummy app. This wonderful gaming app has been developed by the world-famous model app development company KuralSoft. Despite being full of gorgeous graphics and clever moves, the app is just 9 MB in size which makes it ultra-portable rummy app for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with iOS 4.3 or higher. The app has also been optimized for the big HD screens of the iPhone 5 series, thus, giving the amusing Gameplay in iPhone 5 as well.


Best Gin Rummy iPhone app is loaded with all those amazing features that a rummy gaming app must be equipped with. The very first attraction is the HD graphics of the app with eye-catching animation effects. Not only the visuals but the audio effects of the app are astounding too, giving a real rummy gaming effect. Apart from this, the whole app is based upon the clever algorithms of the Artificial Intelligence developed by experts. This makes it capable of generating the random moves just mimicking the human mind. This makes the game much more exciting as player will not be bored with the repetitive moves. Side by side, the app is also integrated with the new moves like two – tap – touch. This move is beneficial in the case when the user chooses the wrong card and want it drop it down. By disabling the Auto – Melding feature, the player can set its hand for the custom moves to make game more manual and, thus, exciting. The improved contest screen and the gaming experience is the most astonishing feature that makes this app the best Rummy game for the iPhone users.

Best Gin Rummy iPhone app gameplay

Best Gin Rummy iPhone app gameplay

Concept and Gameplay

Best Gin Rummy iPhone app is designed with very clear and organized Gameplay screen which is reflected from its main screen showing the card table. The main screen with blue colored elegant background is framed by two rows of cards at the top and bottom. The deck is places on the left and right corner while the ‘Menu’ and ‘Score’ buttons are placed on the top right and the top left corners. This makes it easy to understand the whole game by just giving the quick glance on the screen.

Overall Impression

Best Gin Rummy iPhone app is truly an amazing app for the iPhone users who love the Rummy game. The app has got excellent reviews and rating from the users. Also, the attractive Gameplay and the exciting features of the app makes it all time best Rummy app for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Best Gin Rummy app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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