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AppZap iPhone App

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Title: AppZapp – Free Paid Apps & Price Drops
Developer: ConIT AG
Price: Free
Overall Rating:
AppZap iPhone App review

AppZap iPhone App review

AppZap iPhone App is a great iPhone tool developed by ConIT AG for people who like to keep tab on the different apps going on sale each day. This app is compatible with i ConIT AG iphone apps that are iOS supported and is optimized for 5.0.


AppZap iPhone App as we have mentioned above gives you instant alert on the various iPhone applications that appear for sale and the price variations. This application is a cool tool for guys who wish to be at the top of the pack with information on various iPhone apps. The app will alert you if a certain app has changed its price and let you know which one is popular among users and highly trendy. You can also come to know of the free applications that are available for users. It will always keep you updated with the prices of various applications and you can also come to know of the applications that your friends or community have. It also features the paid applications that gone have gone free recently and a user can get to know complete details of the application and the seller. With this you can also become a member of the AppZap community. You can become a real professional on application hunting by accessing prices and details through the AppZap iPhone App. If you wish to discuss the bonafides of a new game or a new app then you can do so by signing up with AppZapp account. The app lets you know when some app is on sale, or alert you on a new that happens or an event that has just taken place with push notifications. You can relax with surety that no app that comes up for sale will pass you by.

AppZap iPhone App sales

AppZap iPhone App

Design and Layout

AppZap iPhone App is really cool when it comes to giving judgment on the looks department. It looks really solid with the navigation buttons that are neatly stacked. The layout is highly pleasing to the eye and a wealth of lists, app store style, designed for easy use. The slip and slide navigation is very comfortable to browse through every updates, price drops and recent sales. It is a great application to keep you updated in the world of iPhone apps.

Overall Value

AppZap iPhone App is absolutely free and is great for use if you do not mind the various advertisements. You can upgrade to the paid version just for one dollar. With as many as 550 000 applications crowding the App Store it is great to have an application that will keep track of all with their prices and upgrades. Just go for it!

AppZapp – Free Paid Apps & Price Drops app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This app is also optimized for iPhone 5.

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