Angry Birds Rio iPhone App Review

If  one dislikes war and speed games, angry birds is definitely a game for that individual. Launched in December 2009 this game took the world by surprise. It is a video game built on the basis of puzzles by a Finnish game developer company Rovio Mobiles. It consists of various wingless birds first developed for Apple and till date over 12 million copies have been purchased which has in turn inspired various Smartphone makers to install this feature. In the game the user shoots various birds with different features through a slingshot to hit and kill all pigs in a field. And by winning each level various other features are added and difficulty increases.

Angry birds got kudos for its intriguing and catchy game play style, comic bit attached to it and its acceptability among all ages. Its low price is also one main reason for its huge approved acceptance. It is created for all gaming interfaces (pc, mobiles, tablets, free gaming interfaces). There is a huge market now for its character merchandise and even media planning to feature angry birds in various enterprises. It can seriously be termed as the “successful game application ever’’ and it is true in every sense.

Angry Bird RIO Application

Angry bird Rio is the third launch of the game sensation Angry Bird series which is also launched by Rovio mobiles. This game is also same as its previous two versions with only one exception that in this version one has to free birds locked up in cages and halt Marmosets which are monkeys. It is not visually or dramatically changed from the previous versions but has few changes which will excite its ubiquitous users. As compared to the previous versions it has big trees, ropes and other hindrances which is not there in the previous ones.

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The game commences in ‘Smuggler’s den’ where the stolen birds are kept captives. The next level is ‘jungle escape’ which is more complex. In totality there are 60 levels in the two episodes and enough blank slots for future endeavors with increased excitements. To start with it has all the existing birds but the pigs come clad in robotic suits through a wormhole and steal eggs. The “angry birds” flies through these holes to fight them and retrieve the eggs. But yes obviously the characters are well animated and modified such as the black bird with its fire capabilities is a far more engrossing trait. Few new birds are also introduced. The traditional yellow bird now is a purple one and its course can be redirected to any as wished. There is a character ice bird which ices different structures making them brittle. An additional feature of introduction of red dotted line designating the path of the bird helps in better aiming at the targets.

The background score is quite catchy and hummable with highly engrossing sci-fi features although the characteristic sound of birds and pigs remain the same as before. The background(that is the playing field) is changed as this edition is space based with four different worlds – Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Danger Zone, Eggsteroids with more to follow as promised. Pigs can be directly aimed at to kill or they can be pushed out of gravitational pull or asteroids causing devastations allowing space travelling and falling which is highly intriguing.

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Angry birds sets the platform for a Fox film “Rio” released in 2011 well accepted worldwide and especially by children. In this film, directed by Carlos Saldanha, a docile macaw sets off to an adventure in Rio de Janeiro with his highly rebellious friends. This film which is so popular is based on the same puzzle solving capability as in the already popular game.

Pros and Cons

Angry birds with its new graphics set compliment its makers brilliantly. This game offers a good 3D effect. As its predecessors it is cheap making it affordable for all and easy and playable for all.  The game is highly invigorating in its cartoonish violence and adventure. But like everything it has its bad ramifications too. One bad thing is that the game gets over too soon. It has minor privacy issues with i-devices which it consumes way too much battery and users complain about the continuous ads that keep coming to the screen while playing.


This two-episode 60 level gaming enterprise where highly adventurous struggle of emoting birds and cruel pigs is so interestingly brought forward is a gaming craze all over the world. Seemingly very easy it offers few difficulties for sure and that makes the experience more enjoyable. And this is for sure that this game is here to stay and it has more to offer to the ever waiting “angry birds” enthusiasts.


Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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