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Angry Birds is a game which purely credited to Rovio Mobile. Angry Birds have won the hearts of million gamers all over the world. These colorful birds and green bad pigs are doing rounds in computers as well as iPhones of the gamers. Who does not love to play angry birds?

angry birdsAngry Birds, as the name suggests definitely deals with angry birds. Several colorful birds whose eggs have destroyed by evil pigs, however, the pigs are all green color. The pigs are out to destroy the eggs that the birds have laid and then finally rule the world. The goal is to destroy all the pigs to save the world from evil domination. Do you know that there are 200 levels which means that the fun never ends. All you have to do is throw at the birds using a slingshot. There is a huge slingshot and the birds have decided to hurl themselves at the pig. The green pigs have hidden themselves well in their houses. The houses made of glass, wood and bricks. You will also find the green pigs hide themselves in forts and other structures. All you have to do is destroy the pigs throwing bullets oops Angry Birds at them. You have to place them at various angles before shooting the pigs.

angry birds review


The colorful birds too, have their own features. Each one specializes in a certain task that you will slowly discover as you start playing the game. As mentioned before there are various levels in the game and the difficulty level increases as you pass from one level to another. Initially it might seem easy to kill the pigs, however, after a few levels you will realize that the pigs have become larger in size and killing them is way more difficult. You also earn stars and points for your performance. There are stars for destroying structures too.

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Once you start playing this game you will never get enough of it. You will love the small birds and the round, green pigs which is why this has become a rave the world over. There are hardly any drawbacks in Angry Birds although you do need some sort of patience to play this game. Also there are no proper instructions on how to meet the stars. Do download the application on your iPhone to get a taste of what the gaming world is going crazy about.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 5/5

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