Action! iPhone App Review

Action! iPhone app

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Title: Action! – Play Video Charades With Friends Gangnam Style! Act, Sing, Dance & Flirt
Developer: 3-Dragons
Price: $1.99
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Action! iPhone app review

Action! iPhone app review

Action! iPhone app developed by Showbucks is first of its genre and is greatly interactive. It is a great app to connect with friends and relatives with lots of fun. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad an iPod touch with iOS version 5.0 or later.


Action! iPhone app allows you to connect to your long distance friends  and host games of charade via Facebook. You can select an actor, musician or a word and enact the theme, shoot a video and just upload it to the folks! The receivers have to guess with the video what you were actually enacting and spell it out video the letters provided. Once it is over it is their turn to send you an Action! video. The app gives you an opportunity to act in your own movies. The application allows turn based gameplay and comes out with fresh words themed on different occasions. You are alerted when it is your turn to appear on the stage with push notifications. If you have no friends to pursue then you can always rate the videos available via Action! iPhone app or leave comments. The most significant aspect of the game that might make people to shy away from this game is that it has to be played via your Facebook accounts. The developers could do something to rectify this because people without Facebook account might find it inconvenient. The future update must do some changes to facilitate this.

Action! iPhone app showbucks

Action! iPhone app showbucks

Layout & Design

The Action! iPhone app’s Introduction is extremely cute with blue sparkles etc. The entire app is very neatly laid out and very easy to utilize. Since video quality of uploaded videos depending on the users you cannot have much control over them.  The bottom tab is contained with controls to access video games, popular videos, and your profile with comfortable ease. The tabs on the top are not easily accessible to popular videos. This app might do with improvement to make it truly outstanding with global appeal. The magnanimity of Action! iPad app is simply amazing on iPads due to the larger dimension images you are able to view. The app is not optimized for iPad use but it works easily without you needing to resort to other manipulations.

Overall Value

Action!  iPhone app is a highly entertaining and action packed and worth to have game app for people who are looking for some out of the ordinary fare. This app is free and great way to connect to friends and family members across the country. Just for the sheer fun it generates you should have in your iPhone. Over all this is a great app that allows to you to communicate with your friends in a highly fun-filled manner.

Action! – Play Video Charades With Friends Gangnam Style! Act, Sing, Dance & Flirt iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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