DiveMaster iOS App Review

DiveMaster iPhone app review

DiveMaster iPhone app review

DiveMaster can be described as a five-star application with which users can enjoy the ability to effectively record vital information. Such information may include details about their log book, their equipment, and their insurance for scuba diving. They can additionally mark and record the drive sites they use.


The app is actually categorized into five elements, which include Logged Dives, Dives Sites, Equipment Register, Dive Qualifications, and User Data.

· User Data – Under this element the user can record both personal and basic details such as insurance info, next of kin details, and contact details.

· Dive Qualifications – Under this category the application can be used to record and display all dive qualifications, therefore it is designed to keep multiple cards.

· Equipment Register – Under this section the app keeps key details about one’s dive equipment. This may include the type of the dive equipment and its serial number.

· Dives Sites – Under this section the app offers the aptitude to record the exact dive sites location. In this category, the app makes use of Smart Phones built-in GPS. Also, users can record images as a part of their experience, and they can record key data such as the resort, rating, date, and name.

· Dives Logged – Under this category, the app actually provides the user with a dependable dive book that aims to keep key details for their dive. This may include dive buddy, dive rating, water temp, time in, and date.

DiveMaster app dive charateristics

DiveMaster app dive characteristics


· The user data part of the application can serve as a point of reference whenever somebody ought to be contacted in a case of emergency, and can also provide key data whenever you’d like to make an insurance claim while you’re away from home.

· The app is generally convenient since whenever one travels the phone is one of the crucial things they take along with them.

· Users can take quality photos when diving as a way to capture and record the moments of wonderful experience. They can hence share incredible photos on social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook.

· The app additionally offers a map with which users can see all of their record dive sites. The map can actually show them at a glance where on earth they’ve been diving, and they can select the best location they’d like recorded for that experience.


· While a considerable number of people use android devices, the app is only compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.

DiveMaster app requires iOS 10.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

My Medi Recs iOS App Review

My Medi Recs iPhone app review

My Medi Recs iPhone app review

Do you find it hard to maintain the records of your health? Do you want to use your mobile to keep track of your health conditions? Are you looking for an app that can offer you the complete details of your health? Do you want the iTunes in your mobile? If yes, then I am here for your help. In the current conditions, when your iPhone becomes your best companion for the entertainment, knowledge, and many other personal and professional things, then why you should not use your most useful device to record your medical history in the most convenient manner.

Yes, it is possible. You can download the My Medi Recs app. It has all the features to make the process easy and more effective. If you are interested to know more about My Medi Recs app, you can go through the following review.

My Medi Recs Review

It is designed to help the people to carry all their medical history in the best possible manner. You will have all your medical data in hand to deal with the emergencies. You do not need to search the files to review the medical data. It will have in your mobile. You will get all the details to deal with any emergency including allergies, medication, specialist contact details, images, emergency medical contacts, and the history of the medication.

My Medi Recs Operation info

My Medi Recs Operation info

Besides, it is made is such a way that it can support the complicated medicated conditions. You will have a section that will be dedicated to the group support. The medical professionals can use this data to design the treatment. You will have the option to add more people in your group.

With this, you will have the facility to record the appointment and to set the reminders. You can also set the reminders for the medication. You can also record the images and other data required for the treatment.

What are the key features?

  • Tracking the emergency contacts.
  • Add images and diagnosis notes.
  • To create a support group.
  • To record all the medical history.
  • To set reminders.

What are the sections?

It has a number of the sections for the easy storage of the information. Some of the key sections are emergency contacts, medications, allergies, specialists, vaccinations, images, operations, appointments, insurance details, and user support data.

If you want all these improved features to manage your medical history more effectively, you can simply download this app. This app is able to offer you the emergency help whenever required. You can save the details of the medications, appointments, and other details for the immediate use.

My Medi Recs app requires iOS 10.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Kidtrol — Parental Control App Blocker: A Comprehensive Review

Kidtrol - Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-review

Kidtrol – Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-review

Parental Control on a New Level:

Kidtrol is definitely the best free parental control app available today. Gone are the days of having to take a teen’s phone away or of watching his or her grades drop as time on the phone takes precedence over doing homework. Also gone are the sleepless nights spent wondering what a child is doing over the internet.

Control Multiple Devices:

With Kidtrol, parents can now control how their kids use Apple devices easily and non-intrusively. Features like Kidtrol Scheduling and Kidtrol On-Demand allow them to step in whenever necessary right from their own phones.

Block Apps:

At the push of a button, they can disable or block apps on multiple devices for a specific period of time such as during bedtime or school hours. Even when disabled, the device can still call or text the parent’s phone or emergency services. Here is a detailed description of these features.

Kidtrol - Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-schedule

Kidtrol – Parental Control App Blocker-iphone-app-schedule

Kidtrol Scheduling:

The scheduling feature is highly flexible. For one, it allows a parent to set the different times when a child or teen’s phone will automatically lock itself or disable apps. No longer is it necessary to take the phone away when they head off to school, go to bed or need to do their schoolwork.

This is good news considering the fact that recent studies have reported a jump in test scores of 6% in schools which have banned cellphones. It is also possible to schedule when the camera or App store is disabled. Bonding times for the family and curfews are now at the parents fingertips.

Kidtrol On-Demand:

This handy feature is specifically designed for timeouts. A timer can be activated to get kids back into their homework or beds. The phones remain locked until the parent uses the “Until I Say” option.

Setting up Kidtrol:

Installing and setting up Kidtrol is easy even for newbies. After downloading the app for free from the App store, the user is guided through the installation in a matter of minutes. Any further assistance is available from Kidtrol support team who are always on hand to help. They can be contacted by emailing support@kidtrol.com.

Trying Kidtrol for Free from the App Store:

Kidtrol is available from the App Store for free.

Kidtrol – Parental Control App Blocker app requires iOS 8.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards — A Superior e-Card Creation iOS App Review

The Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards iphone app review

The Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards iphone app review

Birthdays are one of the most important occasions for any family, neighborhood or a group of friends in any corner of the world. Because of this, greeting cards are still as relevant as they ever way for all those who want to say happy birthday to their loved ones. With the Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards app, users will be able to make all the greeting and invitation e-cards they desire.

The app was designed for the Apple mobile devices, which means it can be downloaded from the iTunes service. It requires an iOS 5.1.1 operating system or a later version, and it is compatible with the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch. As its main concept, the app allows its users to send a wide variety of cards, starting with birthdays, but also showcases many more template and custom designs for invitations and greetings. With them, users can both invite birthday invitations for their parties, but also create and send cards to congratulate other people’s birthdays as well.

The Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards iphone app custom template

The Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards iphone app custom template

The Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards app include a whole range of features. The app features a range of template options for greetings and invitations which are all pre-loaded, as well as messages and texts for the same cards, while allowing for users to make up their own unique card text. It features a choice between landscape and portrait format support for different devices and allows users to utilize their own photos and pictures in the templates. By opening design factors, including fonts, alignment, opacity, size and color to customization, the app features a way to let the users creativity fly, while a selection of emoticons and emoji will also be useful for decorations. The app is integrated with Aviary that enables photo editing and Sharekit for an incredible flexibility when it comes to card sharing over social networks. Of course, the e-cards can be sent using other means as well. Music can be easily embedded into the app’s e-cards and a simple and attractive user interface will make all features easily accessible.

When this amazing package is combined with the information that the same development team provides great discounts on their iTunes page, it is clear that the app simply reigns supreme over its competitors. No other e-card app can come close to the full package this app provides.

With its incredible features, a powerful set of tool for creating greeting and invitation birthday e-cards and an intuitive manner in which it is used, it is clear that the Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards application is really the best app for this purpose on the market.

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The Best Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards – Customise and Send Birthday Invitation and Greeting Cards app requires iOS 5.1 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Ultimate Invitation eCards iOS App Review

The Ultimate Invitation eCards iphone app review

The Ultimate Invitation eCards iphone app review

The new Ultimate Invitation eCards is a killer app by iApps Technology that allows for full customization and sending invitations eCards. This app comes with pre-written text messages and a series of pre-loaded templates. It is an awesome app that is suitable for creating invitation texts for any occasions e.g. birthday party, wedding invitation cards, dinner or lunch invitations and any other celebration, gathering or holiday invitation cards. Its simplicity and convenience mean it is easy to use in all aspects. It allows one to import photos from gallery to use them in making a swooping background in the invitation cards.

This app is enriched with a plethora of amazing features. It comes with an inbuilt portrait and landscape cards and ecards that can be customized easily. The cards are separate meaning there is no card-stretching. Moreover, one can also decorate their cards and messages by using the included emoticons and emoji, change the color of texts, alignment, fonts, opacity, and size by using the inbuilt text editor. It also has pre-installed quotes for additional customization.

The Ultimate Invitation eCards iphone app preloaded templates

The Ultimate Invitation eCards iphone app preloaded templates

The Ultimate Invitation eCards has been integrated with social media share kit where one can share their texts and cards with friends and relatives through Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Tumblr, and Twitter. Nevertheless, it is also integrated with photo Aviary for easy photo editing. It is also easy to share customized texts, voice messages, and cards by emailing, printing, copying and much more.

The Ultimate Invitation eCards is compatible with a broad range of devices such as iPads, iPods, iPhones and iPhone 5 and much more. It has a user-friendly and attractive interface. It makes text and card customization fun as one can play their favorite music as they design their cool cards. This app can be downloaded from iTunes store and costs only $0.99. Customize your invitation cards to fit your style by using this amazing app.

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The Ultimate Invitation eCards – Customize and Send Invitation eCards with Invitation Text and Voice Messages app requires iOS 5.1 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Pixbee: Free and Flawless Pix IOS App


Pixbee cinematic cam app review

Taking photos using mobile phone cameras can be boring despite their high-end resolutions. Using mobile pix apps like pixbee – Cinematic Cam makes picture-taking and video-recording more fun than the usual.

Concept and Theme

Developed by Seerslab, Inc., pixbee is a picture app that adds cinematic touch on taken pictures or recorded videos. While many apps offer the same effects, many users like the fact that it works with both videos and pictures. Furthermore, it offers more cinematic effects and filters that make photo unique. These effects let users be their own directors and editors for their media.


Pixbee offers the following features:

• Different cinematic effects and video filters. Effects and filers vary according to apps’ offers, but pixbee offers better filters than conventional apps’. Users will have more fun with the effects and make their photos stand out once shared with their friends. As for cinematic effects, users can make their videos extra fun to watch.

• Stickers.Other apps have stickers, but this app diverts people from using the same, boring stickers. They can explore their sticker options right in the app. Since this app utilizes face recognition technology, which means stickers will be placed automatically on people’s faces instead of adjusting them manually.

• Motion control. Slows and fast motion are among the common effects used in videos. However, not every app offers this feature being something only used in full video editors. Pixbee has this feature that gives freedom in editing videos.


pixbee ultimate camera app

• Innovative user interface. Users can apply the effects easily with simple tapping. The interface is responsive that it will take photos instantly with a tap. It will also record videos with simple controls.

• Easy to view gallery. Pixbee has easy to view gallery that let users find their pictures and videos in no time. They can scroll then immediately share their works of arts to family and friends.

Functionality and Usability

This app works with Apple devices running on iOS 7.1. Using shows effects instantly, which means users will immediately show their edits’ outcome. Once done, the taken images and videos will be loaded in the device and viewable through the gallery, where users can view then share to their friends via social media.

Design and Performance

The app is very responsive with flawless performance with every use. Its architecture developed by experts ensures the app will run properly while updates are provided regularly to ensure fixes.

Without a doubt, pixbee is a great app to use for shutterbugs out there who wish to see better video and pix edits right on their devices. With this free app, users will have the freedom to attain the images they want according to their preferred effects.

pixbee – Cinematic Cam app requires iOS 7.1 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Play With Sparky Fish in your iPhone

Sparky Fish iphone app review

Sparky Fish iphone app review

Sparky Fish iOS app is a cool gaming app which is designed for the game lovers who want to conventional style game on their phone. The app is portable and lightweight, with small size of 3.9 MB. . The app is developed by the By The Bridge Language Learning Solutions Inc., which is famous for developing top notch gaming apps for the mobile platform. The app is also optimized for the new iPhone 5 series. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPod. But, it needs the iOS 7.0 or later. Interestingly, the app is free on the official iTunes store


Sparky Fish iOS app has got amusing feature that make it a perfect time killing app. The app is inspired by the features of old time games which has been a great success in its time, despite having low resolution graphics. The game is based upon the simple commands, which are sufficient to lift up the sparky fish in yellow color during its swim. During the swim, there are various obstacles in the way, giving slim way for crossing. With the quick loading features, the app is easily accessible anywhere anytime. The app allows the users to play the game anywhere, even if they are on the move. The app is also loaded with high quality background music along with kiddy sound effects. The conventional style cartoon graphics of the apps are crafted to match up the HD standard of the Apple devices.

Sparky Fish iphone app gameplay

Sparky Fish iphone app gameplay

Concept And Gameplay

Sparky Fish iOS app is based upon the concepts of old fashioned running game where the user has to direct the run of a character through the obstacles. The scores are shown at the ends of the game or when the user falls off. The main Gameplay screen covers the entire display, without any score info. The score and game over message is also designed in the old style to get the childish look on the screen. Not only this, but the user can also enjoy the continuous sparky fish game on its iPhone as it consume less resources and battery thus can be played for a very long time on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It can be downloaded easily from the official iTunes stores for free of cost.

Overall Value

Sparky Fish iOS app is a wonderful game and is not all addictive for the kids. The app as got highly excellent reviews and high ratings from its users as well as expert game reviewers, thus, making it a must-have app for every conventional 2D graphics lovers. The developers of the app have given special attention to avoid any addictive feature in the game. Hence, every iPhone must download this app.

Sparky Fish app requires iOS 7.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

iScope for the Collaborative Team Work

iScope Pro iphone app review

iScope Pro iphone app review

iScope Pro – Project Management and Collaboration iOS app is wonderful app for the collaborative project development. It is developed by Maihue Ltd which is known for best mobile apps. The app refreshes the memory of software tools of conventional desktop. The app is also made compatible with all Apple devices so that it can be played without interruption. The size of the app is kept small so that it can be downloaded easily form iTunes store. The app has got high ratings from its users. The software is developed for those organizations that are habitual of collaborative work on the project.


iScope Pro – Project Management and Collaboration iOS app is full lots of exciting features. The app is designed or working on the project with up to 3 levels of subtask divided to the team. Not only this, but it has also been uptimes for sharing the project to delegates and also check the task being done. When you are doing one task, the team leader can have the track of the task and its progress so as to handle the project accordingly. Also, the minute features like the comments, notes, drawing and other tasks can be easily executed. Attachments and improved universal features are added items in the app. Also, this app is compatible for iPod, iPad and iPhone which make it a perfect option for team workers.

iScope Pro iphone app new features

iScope Pro iphone app new features

Design And Layout

iScope Pro – Project Management and Collaboration iOS app has amazing design which is divided into different sections. Based on the team work efforts, the app is designed with simple layout that will make the effort much less and let people to be more productive. The app screen looks more spacious and highly sleek and clean. Also, the white color default theme makes it look more attractive. The broad side bar. The tiles are colored and indicate the special meaning as assigned by user. The progress bar allows tracking the progress easily by all team members. It is nice idea of designers to keep the notifications on the top so that it can easily be kept eyes upon. The header bar resembles the signature theme of the iOS devices which gives an elegant outlook and familiar touch to the app, giving a reason to work with iScope.

Overall Value

iScope Pro – Project Management and Collaboration iOS app is highly efficient app for the team work to be productive. But, it is not the only point. The excellent reviews and ratings from the users also make it a must have app or the office worker who work as a team and are a part of the large organization. The iScope offers a gentle way to collaborative efforts on the project.

iScope Pro – Project Management and Collaboration app requires iOS 7.0 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Make Cheap International Calls from Freeje iPhone App

Freeje iphone app review

Freeje iphone app review

Freeje iPhone app is an app for the social networking lovers. It gives freedom to stay connected all across the globe. The app is developed by the Telecomax Ltd, which is known for the best quality mobile app developing company. The app is available in Russian and English language and is free of cost, absolutely. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad having the iOS version 7.0 or later. Furthermore, the app is optimized for the new iPhone 5 as well. The app supports various excellent features that make it a wonderful communication app in the iTunes store.


Freeje iPhone app is based upon the social networking features that make it a suitable communication app. There is a fine facility of buying the virtual number and managing it just like the original mobile numbers. The app utilizes the SIP Protocol to make the calls. Also, it has the features to top-up using the app. The app has been loaded with the excellent features of purchasing and setting up DID number. In fact, the app allows the user to make the call just like any normal mobile phone to any landline or mobile phone. The balance of the phone is just like that of the normal carrier provider. It can be managed just using the inbuilt features in the app. Even, there is facility to know the rate before you make a call. The app is built to work on any type of internet connection, including 3G, Wi-Fi, GPRS or EDGE which enable users to stay connected with their friends. However, the users need to keep track of its balance as it is a separate balance from that of mobile phone.

Freeje iphone app settings

Freeje iphone app settings

Design and Layout

Freeje iPhone app has been designed with simple and easy to navigate layout. The login screen of the app consists of simple textboxes for Username and Password along with Login Buttons. The dial-up screen shows two boxes for number display and bigger number buttons below it as dialing pad. The setting menu also includes bigger buttons for sophistication of the use. The number management screen directly shows the list of the number along with balance at the top. The notification bar is displayed in all screens so that user can keep track of basic notifications like that of battery, signals and time.

Overall Value

Freeje iPhone app has great importance for those who need to make international calls frequently. The app has got higher ratings and excellent reviews from the users. With such a wonderful features and innovative presentation of networking concepts, the app is a great communication tools.

Freeje app requires iOS 4.3 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

In Arrivo! HD iPhone App Review

In Arrivo! HD iphone app review

In Arrivo! HD iphone app review

In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is designed for those who want to keep track of the bus and taxi schedule in the Rome and Milan. The app is developed by the famous company, Fabrizio Bartolomucci which is known for the world class app all across the world. The app is just 26.5 MB in size that too packing all aping graphics and attractive visuals. The app is categorized as the Travel app and is available in 7 different languages including English, French and Spanish. But, the user will have to spend$3.99 for buying it. The app is compatible for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad having iOS version 6.1 or later. In addition, the app is uptimes for the iPhone 5 as well.


In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is designed with excellent features of free taxi reservation. This app is jointly in pact with taxis in Rome and Milan. Unlike other similar apps, there are no hidden fees in this app. The app can be purchased just once and then can be installed on all the devices of single user. The app utilizes your location and provides the apt mode of transportation for reaching the target spot in the most apt way. Also, the app is programmed to provide the list of available busses in the local area in just a single tap. Also, the user can locate the local bus stop and the fastest way to reach including the shortcut pathways for walking. Not only this, but it will let you know which mode of transport to catch at particular time of day. And booking are now kept in the back office so allowing the contemporary presence of more than one at the same time. This will let you know if the bus is arriving on the stop or not. Thus, you can easily get an estimation of time to reach the stop to catch bus or to catch taxi for reaching your target location. The app is in sync with the official Rome and Milan Transport website; thus, provides the perfect update to you.

In Arrivo! HD iphone app maps

In Arrivo! HD iphone app maps

Design and Layout

In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is designed in the simple way just like a normal mapping app. The broad header bar displays the info about the destination and has text box for search. Also, it display the info right in the map so as the user does not have to switch to another screen for the same. Also, a single on it will display the entire list of the buses available on that time. Not only this, but it also display the side menu so that the user can access the app setting and other important menu item directly from any screen.

Overall Value

In Arrivo! HD iPhone app is, no doubt, a useful app for Rome and Milan residents. It will help them to be on time everywhere they roam in the Rome.

In Arrivo! HD app requires iOS 6.1 or later and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.